Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The real star of last nights National Championship game

Last Nights BCS National championship game between Notre Dame and Bama for lack of better term was “WACK”. It was one sided with Alabama winning 42-14 but one good thing came from this game in the Form of Ms.Katherine Webb. If you are clueless to what it is I am talking about let me inform you. AJ Mccarron the Bama QB is the Boyfriend of Katherine Webb who happens to be Ms. Alabama and Auburn alum and very VERY Gorgeous!!!! She became a National sensation when ESPN put her on Camera and Brent Musburger Couldn't himself and became enamored by MS. Alabamas beauty (see video below). What's equally as impressive as Katherine Webb's features are her Twitter number's. She started before the game with roughly 5,000 followers which is modest. After she was shown on camera she became a trending topic and her Account has 199,000 followers to date...Its pretty eazy to say that she was the best thing we saw last night

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