Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ray Lewis: The Faith The Leader The Champion

Passion-Strong and barely controllable emotion

This word has defined Ray Lewis his whole career. From his pre game speeches to his moments of humility after reigning victorious it is the Faith driven passion that has willed the Baltimore Ravens to a Super Bowl appearance and goal of Making Ray Lewis go out on top as he already announced this will be his last season in the NFL.

17 years of accolades doesn’t do this man justice his impact stretches far beyond the gridiron. He is a man driven by faith as I stated earlier and that Faith has inspired many people to do great things. Watching him speak to teammates in the huddle isn't just something football players can appreciate, it's something humanity can appreciate. “Love Conquers all, but if love doesn’t try hard work” was an eloquent quotation from the future hall of famer that resonates with me. Its something we can apply to in our everyday life. Ray Ray is a public speaker who has gone through many hardships in his life off the gridiron, when you sit there and listen to the passion in his voice and witness the intensity in his eyes you realize you are in the presence of greatness.

It has been 17 seasons of being one of the most feared Line backers and best defensive players to ever put on pads in the NFL. Through all the up and downs here Ray Lewis sits 1 win away from further Cementing his legacy in NFL lure and going out a on top a Champion with his 2nd Super Bowl Ring. Football fans all across America have relished and enjoyed every second of #52's Career and for one last time we get to see the Passion, Alpha Dog mentality and love of the game. I don't care if you are Ravens fan or a 49ERS Fan you have to respect what this guy has done for the game.

To many times I don't think we celebrate athletes for being great people but that is exactly what Ray Lewis embodies to football players,People and Leaders every where. His work with His Ray Lewis 52 foundation has done so much for the disadvantage youth in Baltimore. Giving families thousands upon thousands in turkeys for thanksgivings as well as backpacks and school supplies for kids. The most impressive thing to me is how he awards kids with the most priceless thing ever which is an education rewarding underprivileged kids scholarships to go get their college education.

So as Ray Ray steps on to the field at the Superdome in New Orleans gives us one last hoorah and shows the 25 gm's who passed on him in the draft in 96 that they were wrong think of Lewis as more then a football player. Enjoy the Passion and the swagger he brings to the Ravens defense and be ready for what I expect to be the Cherry on top of a great Career.

  • 13 time pro bowler
  • 2 time Defensive player of the Year
  • 2,050 TACKLES
  • 2000 Super Bowl Champion
  • 2 time AFC Champion
  • #Greatness

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