Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hockey is back!

It's been only a few weeks into the season but it's great to have the NHL back in my life. The skill and precision coupled with the toughness of blue collar play is refreshing from the “Organized theatrical” Feeling I get watching the NBA.

Seeing the great players the league has to offer such as Patrick Kane, Jagr, Malkin made me realized how much I really love the sport and miss it. Hockey is a team game and the parody in the league always keeps you on the edge of your seat. Last year the 8th seeded Kings won the Stanley Cup, Where do you see that? Certainly not in the NBA

The best part about the lockout being over though is that I get to watch my Panthers play, look forward to making it out to Sunrise for some games this year,thats tradition in my family around this time of year. We struggled early on due to injuries but now we are starting to come together as a team and I like our chances of returning back to the playoffs. So with a month into the season I can say Happy Hockey season!!!!

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