Sunday, February 17, 2013

Why Uncle Drew Needs To Coach Youth basketball

In Today’s ever Evolving world of basketball kids are becoming much more flamboyant, flashy and Athletic then ever. Media Outlets such as And 1 Basketball, and Sportscenter’s top 10 plays have always give kids motivation and incentive for exposure so in turn it leaves little to no wiggle room for fundamentals.

These young bloods don’t practice fundamentals no more, to them its about fancy dunks and the jibby jaby fade away jumpshots…its about Buckets”. This quote was eloquently stated by fictional basketball phenomenon Uncle Drew. He has a point it really doesn’t matter if you break somebody’s ankles if you can’t hit a simple floater or bank shot. Kids Growing up in my generation these days are more unfundamentally sound then ever.

People appreciate the grace and sometimes uncontrollable inefficiency that Kobe Bryant plays with but don’t appreciate the Productivity and Longevity of Tim Duncan because he doesn’t have the flare and doesn’t fit the “showtime” description. It’s “boring basketball” but what is boring about 2 MVP’s 4 Championships and being regarded as the best to ever play the power forward position? If that’s boring then the City of Charlotte could use a large dose of boredom in it’s frontcourt.

It’s about Buckets” Uncle Drew keeps things in perspective and doesn’t get lost in all the hype of today’s top media outlets or trends. It is these Reasons that Uncle Drew should be coaching our nation’s youth at every level from peewee, High School, AAU And College. Picture the most undisciplined kids on your son or daughters Basketball teams feeling the wisdom of an Uncle Drew, it would change the landscape of youth basketball for the next few decades. Things are getting to political in this new age of basketball and just the world in general there aren’t many people that have a no nonsense “Old School” mentality anymore, that’s a dying breed. Kids who are playing ball these days are more worried about when the new Jordan’s are coming out or where they can find the cheapest pair of Dr.Dre headphones He stays focused on what’s really important and that is getting Buckets…..By any means necessary

Uncle Drew isn’t real he is a fictional character in a Pepsi Commercial played by All-Star Cavaliers Point Guard Kyrie Irving but I’m sure there plenty coaches out there that have some Uncle Drew in them so Use that and help these kids learn how to really hoop it up!!

Watch the Uncle Drew series in the videos below

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