Wednesday, February 20, 2013

When Will we let go of Michael Jordan (the player)

Recently Michael Jordan's 50th Birthday was Celebrated and by celebrated I mean celebrated to the point where we started asking if he could play Shooting guard for the Charlotte Bobcats. This and countless retrospective segments documenting his Career from a variety of different perspectives led me to ask the Question “when will the fans let Go of Michael Jordan the player”?

MJ is one of the most important and in some cases the Most important figure in the game of basketball but as a player he is not coming back. He was the central figure in the branding of basketball, from a financial perspective there isn't a more significant player in the league. The reality is that it's over he isn't going to be Sticking his tounge out while gliding in the air towards an acrobatic shot. He won't be dunking over the likes of Ewing, Mutombo and Alonzo Mourning. If this comes as news to you then I will assume that you are a very delusional person and probably a huge MJ lover.

Michael gave you his comeback already with the Washington Wizards let's leave it at that. 50 is a benchmark age for anybody and I hope Michael had a Happy 50th birthday and i'm glad the Media took a great amount of time to acknowledge what he did for the game but Let him go the only way your going to see that man in a Bulls Jersey is playing NBA 2K13. Do I doubt that he is in better shape then most 50 year old retired NBA Players? Not at all Mike is still Mike and still posses the better basketball IQ then easily 90% of the league today but Jordan isn't god even though we put him on the pedestal Father time will catch up to him on the court if it hasn't caught up already.

Did he Beat Michael Kidd-Gilchrist one one? Yes obviously if MKG admitted it but that in no way validates that Jordan can still play at a high level in the NBA.

So enjoy his commercials,Collect his cards, Buy his new Retro's coming out and proudly rock any MJ throwbacks in your possesion but Jordan fans (ESPN included) Let Michael The player go.....IT'S OVER!!!!

on that note happy belated 50th To Michael Jordan!

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