Friday, August 17, 2012

Dreams Come true for NBA 2K Fans

Over the last several years the NBA 2K series has dominated sports gaming and it looks like they took another step in doing so several days ago when they announced that the the 1992 “Dream Team” will be in NBA 2K13. It will have every player on that team except Scottie Pippen due to copyright reasons. As a fan who has been playing NBA 2k for years this is a HUGE day for me having the chance to play with the dream team. I know its just a game but boy I can’t wait to settle this WACK debate people keep having with me saying that the current USA men could beat the “Dream Team”. I know basketball has evolved into a more up tempo game based on athletiscm rather then fundamentals and half court sets. I Can’t wait to just throw down the ball in the post to guys like David Robinson and Karl Malone and just go to work on the wannabe “Dream Team”. The opportunity to settle this debate on the sticks is a great one and I really believe  NBA 2K does a great job of making the games as authentic as possible from the uniforms, to hardwood and just overall game presentation. The one thing they did best last year in NBA 2K12 and will continue too do in this years installment of 2K  is bridging the generational gaps between basketball fans. What I mean is kids who are my age didn’t get too see Oscar Robertson or Jerry west play get too learn about them and literally fell how great they were through the game play. With them Putting the Dream team in the game the younger generation will get to see how great that team was through game play. Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, John Stockton the list of hall of famers go on and it the matchups up and down the court will be intriguing. Magic vs. Cris Paul or Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan just too name a few., Whenever people decide to pickup the sticks and play as the 2 gold medal teams it should be entertaining and it will definitely spark debates not end them. So if you dunk on Clyde Drexler With Lebron James and Start Taunting your uncle you know its about to be an exciting 4 quarters. NBA 2K13 Having the Dream Team is a celebration of basketball and should be an improvement over last year. All I know is October 2nd cant come quick enough for me.

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  1. Great article on NBA 2k13...I think this system is one of the best if not the best,,,by the way it set itself apart from the rest......I will continue to play with NBA 2k13 because how it tries to tie in all generation great players with the the current rosters....Definitely...a came all game sports geeks need to have....Well I have to go ....heading to the store to go buy it....Dad


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