Thursday, August 9, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Spectrum

Happy Throwback Thursday to everybody. I Just want too thank everybody who took the time to read last Thursday article on NBA Street. I want too give a special thanks to NBA point guard Baron Davis who retweeted my article last week make sure you follow him on twitter @Baron_Davis and while your following him you can follow me @ThatboyBtaylor I’ll follow back. Enough of the chit chat though lets get into it today on throwback Thursday we are gonna talk about the Philadelphia Spectrum.

Opened in 1967 the Spectrum aka “America’s Showplace” was the home of the Philadelphia Flyers and Philadelphia 76ers. This arena represents a special time in Philadelphia sports history. Names like Julius Erving, Bobby Clarke and Moses Malone all gave fans many reasons too cheer with there excellent play. The Flyers and Sixers combined for 3 Championships in that building Sixers (1983) Flyers (1973-1974,1974-75). Too this day Americas showplace is still the only arena to ever host the NBA and NHL all-star game in the same season. It wasn’t the most luxuorious arena like the ones we have today, lack of luxury suites and higher operating costs would ultimately be the end of the spectrum with both teams moving out in 1996 to the more convient Wells fargo Center. The Spectrum would be Knocked down in 2009 but the memories still live,

Philadelphia Flyers

The time the Flyers spent taking the ice at the spectrum saw some of the most violent play in NHL history. Dave Shultz Bob Kelly and company led the ever goonish gang known as the “Broad Street Bullies” Known for their physical and violent play the Broad Street Bullies would focus on beating opponents through intimidation and fighting.Whenever Teams came to The spectrum too play the flyers it was gonna be a blood bath. Those teams represent Philly in a lot of ways tough, Gritty, blue collar just like Philadelphia. Anytime people came to play Bobby Clarke, Bernie Parent and The rest of this team it would become a war. They made history in 1974 Becoming the 1st team too ever beat an original six team to win the franchises 1st  Stanley cup defeating Bobby Orr and the Boston Bruins in 6 games. The following season the Flyers would face the Buffalo Sabers in the Stanley Cup and repeat as champions in 6 games. The “Broad Street Bullies” were like super heroes and the Spectrum was they’re home.

Philadelphia 76ers

Dr.J, Moses Malone, Andrew Toni, Maurice Cheeks just a few names that hold value in spectrum lore. These are some of the men that the spectrum faithful would erupt in enthusiasm for and why not? They brought home the city of brotherly love a championship in dominating fashion to. Prior to the 1982-1983 playoffs Moses Malone came out and said that Sixers were not going too lose a game in the playoffs. After a sweep of the New York Knicks and a 5 game victory over the Milwaukee Bucks the Sixers would sweep Magic Johnson and the Lakers and become the 1982-1983 NBA Champions. Malone would be named  Finals MVP. The Sixers had gone 12-1 in the playoffs losing a measly little 1 game. They were one of the Greatest teams in NBA history. The Sixers would close out the spectrum on March 14th 2009 vs. Chicago Bulls. Julius Erving had some words of encouragement for the current Sixers saying “We issued a challenge to be great ambassadors and always play hard and give your best as you take care of the Chicago Bulls like we used too”. The  Spectrum crowd was electric and the Sixers kept them that way winning 104-101 over the Bulls behind a career high 31 points from Thaddeus Young. It was a perfect way for a great franchise to close out a building that was great too them.

Whether it was the orange and black of the “Broad Street Bullies” and the Philadelphia Flyers or the patriotic red white and blue of the Philadelphia 76ers or the Rocky statue outside the arena the spectrum was home too greatness.

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