Thursday, August 2, 2012

Throwback Thursday: NBA Street

Its Thursday so you already know I don’t got to tell you what time it is but I will anyway, It’s Throwback Thursday. Just want too say thanks to everybody that read the Joe Namath Article last Thursday if you Haven’t make sure you do so. Today for throwback Thursday we are changing the pace rather then talking about a legendary athelete we are going to talk about a classic throwback video game near and dear to my and a lot of other peoples hearts. I’m talking about the Classic NBA Street.

Released way back in the Great year of 2001 My Dad and I were just paying a visit to a local Target on a Thursday afternoon. As I was looking at the video games a cover caught my eye. It was a tall dark afrocentric guy with an afro Dunking a basketball the title read “NBA Street”. My father purchased the game for Playstation 2 for 25.19$. The game was amazingly fun and unrealistic at the same time. You play 3 on 3 Basketball with some of your favorite NBA players on Blacktops in various areas such as South Beach, Route 66, Home Rucker Park and you rather then set pick and rolls and play fundamental basketball just rack up trick points by crossing over opposing players and breaking ankels. The game features Players such as Steve Francis, Reggie Miller, Tracy Mcgrady, Vince Carter, Gary Payton, Baron Davis, Chris Webber, Alonzo Mourning, Eddie Jones, Afro Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, Michael Jordan and Vitaly Potapenko. All the then 29 team are featured and 5 players are available from each of the franchises. In city circuit mode which is my personal favorite you pick NBA team and play other NBA teams in various venues and once you beat them you can have them on your team, so usually after getting far enough in city circuit I would pick the Charlotte Hornets and once I beat the Heat and 76ers I would pick up Allen Iverson and Eddie Jones and I would have them play alongside Baron Davis. Another cool thing about City circuit mode is when you beat the NBA teams in a venue you got too play the boss of that stage which are all fictional Streetballers like Stretch (the guy on the cover) once you beat them you automatically get them on your team. NBA Street is a classic you can play it right now in 2012 and you will still have a blast playing it just like I did for 6 hours yesterday. The game was well received and was certified as one of Playstation’s greatest hits. It was a pioneer that spawned 2 more NBA Street games an NFL and FIFA version as well. If you have never played this game then you are missing out, I highly suggest that if you still own a Playstation 2 that you go out and buy the game. All I know is that every time I pick up a controller to play I don’t put it down for hours. Maybe it’s the rim shattering dunks to end the games that I perform with guys like Keyon Martin and Jermaine O’neal. Maybe it’s the Challenge of beating Stretch, Bonafide and Biggs.  Maybe it’s the way Joe “The show” blurts out “HELLO OPERATA”! from his megaphone every time I shoot a 3 pointer. Maybe it’s the sounds of Real Hip-hop in the back round when I’m Crossing someone over with Brevin Knight. No matter how you look at it NBA Street left an untouchable legacy which is hard for any sports game to live up too.


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