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Marlins Park (My Take)

Marlins Park 2012-Present

We came along way as fans of the marlins going from the slums of sun life stadium to the art deco beauty of the brand new Marlins Park. In the 1st season at the brand new digs ive had the privallege of attending 4 games this season (Most of them losses). Let me tell you the difference is night and day from the food, Concourse, seat quality, the fan experience at Marlins park is much better then what I experienced at pro player stadium/sun life for 12 years of my life. When you walk around the park  there is a buzz and energy I rarely ever felt at that football stadium. Its great  too walk into a park where this is more people wearing Marlins gear then opposing teams gear. I have a lot of love for our old home, It treated us to 2 world championships in 1997,03 and his home to a lot of my childhood but marlins park is more fan friendly and in the long run that’s truly matters.

Sunlife Stadium 1993-2011


A big concern coming into the new park was transportation. Parking garages are for season ticket holders only so if you are coming too the game and aren’t a season ticket holder your best bet is too use one of the lots on various business plazas and parking lots.. They usually aren’t that that pricy and range from 5-15%. If you don’t have a car like my father and I then you can take the tri-rail to the game. Let me give you a HUGE warning that the learning the correct route is confusing and so is figuring out which side  to stand on at the station, it took me 4 games to really figure it out. Once you get it down though it is faster then a car and tri-rail and metro rail tickets combined are 11.25$ estimated and should be sure to save your money on gas. After the ballgame concludes there will be trains waiting for fans at train station.

Outside of the park

my commute too Marlins Park with Miami skyline in the back
If you get off culmer station like I do and walk to the park that commute  is a fun picturesq route that offers alternatives to the pricey ballpark food. The walk is 10-15 minutes long and there is a Winn  Dixie super market before you get too the park. At Winn Dixie  they offer  a wide assortment of Spanish food such as empanadas and other cultured Cuban food. What you get there for 13$ will fill you up more then 13$ at the ballpark. After you get past Winn Dixie you will cross the street ahead and make your way onto the bridge where if you look to your left you will see the Miami skyline. Once you actually get too Marlins Park there are a few things too do. Around stadium are vendors who sell hot dogs, sodas, water and my favorite arepas. Around the ballpark are several stores like metro pcs and ever delightful Yo Blendz yogurt shop which you won’t find in the ballpark. The main store outside of Marlins Park is the official team store which is where I scored this sweet Justin Ruggiano T-Shirt.  There is all of that and towards the main entrance is the video board which usually has on other sporting events too keep fans entertained while waiting for the gates to open.

Marlins Park

When you walk into Marlins Park you are hit by an array of color and smells of exceptional food. Like I said earlier I’ve had the privallege of attending 4 games this season (Most of them loses) and have seen the park from many angles. Let me first start off by saying no matter where you sit the view is intiamte and seat quality is bar none the best in baseball. There are many features that make this ballpark unique and very Miami. First and foremost lets start off with the homerun feature in left-center field (which is hideous) that thing looks like one giant over priced bag of skittles mashed up into a sculpture. No other park in baseball has something so colorfully hideous to obstruct players view but the art deco colors make it very Miami. Another thing I absolutely love is the bobblehead musuem which features thousands of bobbleheads from all 30 MLB teams. My personal favorite bobblehead in the musuem is of former Marlins Great Luis Castillo. Another cool thing you can do is walk around the park and watch the game at the same time while walking through the promenade level. While walking in Left field you will spot the Budweiser bar where you can stand and watch the from a great view without a ticket and mingle with other fans in an outgoing atmosphere. If you have kids and they get bored take them to center field they have video games such as Guitar hero, Gallaga, MLB 2K12 and of course pacman. When you walk into the park there are pictures of the batting order up and  a wall dedicated too a player, That’s pretty cool I like knowing whos batting before intros so I can analyze the matchups as a fan.
Homerun sculpture

Luis castillo bobblehead


Cuban sandwhich

Food the ballpark is a great thing. At Marlins Park from what I had to grub on I can tell you this placed gets an A+ in that department when you go too the park its best to go to the taste of Miami which like Winn-Dixie offers a plethora of Cuban food and won’t dissapoint. If your not into Cuban food head over too Miami Mex and get the steak tacos those things are perfect but pricey as heck at 13$ for 2 tacos. If you sit in the club level and have a sweet tooth get the gelato the quality is great but the amount is scarce. Marlins Park is a place where you can’t lose when it comes too food choices.

As great as the park is I have a few problems. Of course there is the disaster on the field that has us in last place. I told Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria when taking the picture above “Lets get this thing turned around”. “Most definetly “ He replied and gave my dad props on the throwback Dontrelle Willis Jersey he was sporting that night. Another problem is I don’t see too many things that comemorate or celebrate our history, hopefully that changes. This park is amazing and if we can fix the product on the field and match the quality of female dancers at the Clevelander then we are in business

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