Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Starting point:2012 NFL Season

Tonight marks the starting point of a Long and gruesome journey known as the NFL regular season. In Canton,Ohio Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints take on Larry Fitzgerald and the Arizona Cardinals at 8:00 on NFL Network in the annual hall of fame game. The result obviously doesn’t matter but for football junkies across the nation seeing the pigskin being thrown, the sound of pads hitting each other is a welcome sight. Over the next 20+ weeks the unexpected will happen. Careers will end,careers will come out of nowhere. Upsets will happen and critics will be proven wrong. Guys who we didn’t know months ago will become household names. Fantasy Football leagues will start up soon. People will come out victorious and some will be humiliated. The boss at the office will be the main target in the company fantasy football league. With Football returning tonight we are closer too the holidays. Thanksgiving Football creeps closer and you and the family will gather around with the welcoming odors of mash potatoes, Pumpkin pie and hopefully if your team is on the gridiron that day a win. The beginning of the week tradition known as “Monday Night Football” is inching closer and im sure many in our country are anxiously awaiting too see some of the leagues most electrifying players slug it out in primtime. The start of preseason marks the Sunday tradition of regular season tailgating inching ever so close. Hot Dogs, burgers, Bratwurst  and passing the football in stadium parking lots is rapidly approaching. Waking up in the mourning and immediately putting on your favorite players jersey as a ritual is weeks away. Inner family rivalrys arguing who’s team is better you say the 1985 Chicago Bears are the greatest team ever. Looking in disgust your brother from Wisconsin says they shouldn’t even breath the same air as the Vince Lombardi Green bay Packer teams. Its rival fans arguing who they think is better like Tom Brady or Dan Marino. Its 70,000+ fans yelling “Who dat who dat who dat say dey gon beat dem saints”. It’s guys like Maurice Jones-Drew and Cam Newton making the impossible look routine. The upcoming season will bring us moments we never thought were even imaginable like “music city miracle” or David tyree’s catch. It’s the trash talking between rivals like Steelers-Ravens and Jets-Patriots. As fans we will experience many emotions this year Pain, Suffering , Nostalgia, Euphoria but as diehard fans we will wear our colors proudly. Whether you are sporting the Black and Electric blue of the Carolina Panthers or the Black and silver of the Oakland Raiders we will be there for our teams. The next 20+ weeks will take teams fans from every fan base through a seemingly never ending rollercoaster of emotions. So sit back try to relax, grab a coke and a smile and enjoy the 2012 NFL season

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