Monday, August 27, 2012

Still a Kids game:Little League World Series

Its late August and the stretch run for Major League Baseballs pennant races are upon us. Players will be scrutinized and embraced by thousands of people in the next few months lets forget all about the MLB just for a second. Remember being 9 years old swinging a baseball bat in your backyard with your friends emulating your favorite players swing? I do and watching the little league world series these past few days took me back too the spirit and fun of baseball. Watching these young and very talented young kids enjoyment and passion for the game really took me back to what baseball is really about. Its not about performing up too your contract or trying to get endorsement deals, Its all about having fun, Playing the game too the best of your ability and trying to win. If you ever forgot why you loved the great game of Baseball then all you had too do is watch the Little League World series and im 150% sure that you would be quickly reminded of why you love it and memories of your playing days would come back. I think we as a society can learn from watching the Little League World Series. We can learn or even relearn that if you don’t love what your doing in the first place then don’t do it at all. We can learn how too have fun. We can learn why Baseball is still great and what the core values about the sport truly are and that even though this is played by adults it is still a kids game. Being a Marlins fan has been a frustrating thing this season because they don’t even look like they are having any fun playing a kids game for millions of dollars, So when I would tune in to Espn in the afternoon too watch kids from the opposite sides of the world play the game with so many smiles and such high intensity it was incredibly refreshing. One thing that really captivated me this past Little League World Series was seeing the poverty stricken country Uganda  play the game with such class and enjoyment. Its mind boggling too me that kids who come from a third world country have so many things they could dwell or complain about can find something like baseball play it at a high level and use it as an outlet for greater things in there life. A country like Uganda even being in the event is really a testament too the continued growth of the sport. So next time you walk by your local baseball field and you see young kids playing the game of baseball I would advise you to stop and watch for a little bit you might actually learn something from the young kids passion for the game. So next time you see an MLB player not playing the game hard for Millions of Dollars remember what baseball is really about. This is, was and will ALWAYS be a Kids game! 

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