Friday, August 31, 2012

Kareem gets Statue (Finally)

After feeling like he was slighted and even sometimes belittled at times Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Will now get honored the same way Jerry West and Magic Johnson do. It was announced that sometime during this season the NBA’s all time scoring leader will get his own statue like Magic and West. This has been LONG overdue for a guy who is one of the games greatest players and arguably the best player in team history, its just great too finally see him get his due. Everybody who is a Laker fan  right now knows who Kareem is and with the statue Laker fans will never forget who he is. This man, Magic Johnson, James Worthy  and the “Showtime” Lakers of the 80s changed the game forever with there uptempo high octane style of play. They were a Dynasty and one of the models for greatness in the world of sports and are apart of what makes being a Laker so great. Kareem was a central part of those teams and its about time the Laker organization pay him with that gesture for his 20 years of longevity (If only they did the same for Elgin Baylor). If you don’t know who Kareem is or how great he was here are some of his many accomplishments.

38,387 Points
NBA’s All-Time Leading Scorer
19 Time All-Star
6 Championships
2 scoring Titles
4X leading Shot blocker

Congratulations to Kareem-Abdul Jabbar

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