Friday, March 22, 2013

5 draft prospects to watch out for in the NCAA Tournament

March Madness is going on and although the NBA will have to take a back seat for a few weeks that doesn’t mean that NBA General Managers and Executives across the league aren't watching and observing the Talent scheduled to come out next year. Although this draft class is rated by many experts as a weak one there are still some solid pieces to be added to NBA clubs. So without further ado I give you the Top 5 NBA Prospects to watch out for in the NCAA tournament.

#5 Victor Olapido (Indiana)

The 6'5 Forward has come out of nowhere to become a star for the Indiana Hoosiers and has put himself in the discussion for college player of the year. He has always been known more for his Defense but due to a vast improvement on offense his draft stock has soared and could soar even higher Depending on his Performance in the tournament. His Defensive prowess and ability to run the floor in transition could help a lot of NBA teams out.

#4 Kelly Olynyk (Gonzaga)

While Kelly Olynyk won't be a star in the league he will definitely be a solid player and if you have a premier frontcourt player already on your roster then he will be a great compliment to them. He is very efficient, moves well for a guy his size. If your a team looking for a solid pick&roll big men this is your guy.

#3 Trey Burke (Michigan)

Whenever I see Trey Burke I just think about Buckets. Trey Burke is a professional scorer and although he needs to size up a bit more at the next level you can definitely see the tools. Who ever drafts this kid is getting someone who is fundamentally sound and cares about winning.

#2 Anthony Bennett (UNLV)

The Rebels are already eliminated from the tourney but Anthony Bennett showed enough people this season that he is ready for the next level. He has been compared to UNLV Legend Larry Johnson because of his physicality but Bennett also can handle the basketball and just brings a certain toughness and swagger most guys in this class don't posses. Whoever Drafts this guy is getting a whole lot of talent.

#1 Ben Mclemore (Kansas)

Many people including myself consider this guy the best player in the country. The 6'5 Shooting Guard has drawn many comparisons and for good reason the kid is “Wet” and can shoot the basketball but also has the Athleticism to get to the rim and finish with authority. Mclemore is big time and he is only a freshman so there is plenty of upside which make him a very attractive pick.

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