Monday, March 18, 2013

No Backdown in Boston

The Boston Celtics are known for excellence with 17 Championships and some of the games greatest players like Larry Bird and Bill Rusell so rarely do they ever play the role of underdogs. Well tonight an Underdog is exactly what they are in their own building as they take on a Miami Heat team who has been on a historic 22 game winning streak tied for 2nd longest in NBA history.

Heat/Celtics is always makes for some good theater but now it's even better that Guys like Jason Terry have called the Heat's Streak “Unimpressive” and Paul Pierce has also said they hope Miami loses for the rest of the year. Players on Boston are sick of ESPN's 24/7 coverage of Lebron and the Heat and rightfully so they are rivals so that's expected.

The Celtics are an organization with Pride and tradition and will not back down to the Heat under any circumstances with or without Rajon Rondo. Tonight should be a Classic. This is a chance for the New guys like Jordan Crawford, Terrence Williams to make a name for themselves on National TV as well as Jeff Green to prove he can take his game to another level. Look for a physical basketball game and for the TD Garden to be rocking.

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