Thursday, March 28, 2013

Streak Over!

The Miami stepped into the United Center Wednesday night on a 27 game winning streak and left with it snapped with a 101-97 loss to an undermanned Bulls team. No Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah or Rip Hamilton for Chicago but  the Bulls are a well coached team that backs down to nobody and played their hearts out and deserved that W.

Now that the streak is over I can say what a great run by the Heat whether you love them or hate them if you’re a basketball fan hen you will never forget. Like I said earlier today on my facebook page As much as I can't stand the Miami Heat I must admit not only was the streak impressive, but it was great for basketball in general. It brought so much attention to the NBA,more people tuned in to watch, people packed sports bars across the nation, ETC. So what I hate Lebron, The streak actually helped grow the sport and I could never hate on that I'm a basketball fan before anything.

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