Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tru School of Kicks: Nike Lebron 10 Carmex

Last Month I started the “Tru School of Kicks” where I bring what I think are hot shoes to your attention. Last article I told you about the A.I Georgetown Reebok Questions which are due to release on March 8th, so stay tuned for those. This month I have 2 segments of Tru School of kicks, the 1st of which features so shoes that Caught my attention when watching the Heat game Sunday afternoon against the Knicks.

Sunday afternoon I was sitting cozy in my seat at a local sports bar with my dad and best friend Isaiah when my dad mentioned that Lebron James was rocking some great looking shoes. After about a 5 second observation I quickly agreed and fell in Love with what are known as the “Nike Lebron 10 Carmex”. My Friend Isaiah who plays basketball for my high school was already conjuring up ideas to get the coach to make those the teams official sneaker for next season. They feature a color way that is the exact same as the High school I attend (South Broward High School) and after seeing them on TV I Quickly began thinking ahead to my graduation day with those on my feet to match my Red and Gold cap and gown. The only problem is that those bad boys don't have an official release date and that is a problem for sneakerheads like me who are anxious to purchase And proudly sport those on our feet. So who ever makes the decisions in the LBJ Nike marketing camp needs to announce a release date hope fully that’s before my May 31st graduation date.

By the way HUGE Shoutout to the South Broward High School Class of 2013!!!

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