Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Top 5 must have College Basketball jerseys of All-Time

March Madness is in full swing and many fans across the country are being outfitted with their favorite retro throwbacks jerseys of all-time. As you know over The course of college basketball history that there are plenty memorable  jerseys with all kinds of color ways and logos to go around. So here are the top 5 must have College Basketball Jerseys of All-Time.

#5 Carmelo Anthony (Syracuse)

It was only one season but the Baltimore Native left his mark on Syracuse University leading them to a National Championship in 2003 before being drafted to the Denver Nuggets. The Legacy he left at Syracuse make this jersey a must have for College hoops fans.

#4  Dwyane Wade (Marquette)

Explosive and Exciting are some of the many adjectives that describe the Young D-Wade’s game at Marquette. His aggressive play and Chicago style slashing ability help lead his Alma Mater 2003 to a final four appearance before being drafted to the Miami HEAT. What he did for Marquette along with what he has accomplished in the NBA make this a must have as well

#3 Larry Johnson (UNLV)

As the leader and best player on one of the Best teams of All-Time having “Grandmama’s” College jerseys would be a nice one to have. Plus The Running Rebels culture is unparalleled in College Hoops as I said last throwback Thursday.

#2 Alonzo Mourning (Georgetown)
One of the most feared and respected Defensive Players in basketball history Alonzo Mourning was one of the many reasons for “Hoya Paranoia” among opposing College basketball teams. The consensus 2-time All-American represents the golden era for Georgetown Basketball.

#1 Michael Jordan (UNC)

Jay-z once said “Carolina Blue Kicks/Hottest dude on the block”. When you wore those baby blue shoes you wore a Michael Jordan Jersey with it.


  1. That jersey patented MJ's jersey! I really love wearing jerseys. It's so cool and comfy wearing one.

    1. I used to have the white one and wear it with these baby blu shell toe Addidas all i used to wear was jerseys lol. MJ patented jerseys just have a certain flair and style to them. Nice website btw I can see why you have such an appreciation for the Jordan logo on the jeresey

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