Friday, March 29, 2013

Top 5 Michael Jordan Commercials of All-Time

Michael Jordan is a player that transcends basketball he’s a brand and responsible for making the NBA and the Chicago Bulls one. His commercials are more like short feature films some riveting, some light-hearted. Here are the Top 5 Michael Jordan Commercials of All-Time.

#5 Frozen Moments

This commercial really captures the grace and elegance MJ played with. Throughout the Commercial he camera goes from Jordan to he fans and Although no words were spoken I think that’s what makes this commercial brilliant. It’s basically saying that greatness is forever and you don’t need words to describe because you can see It and feel it.

#4 Failure

This commercial shows MJ walking out into the parking lot pass security guards and screaming fans with him narrating the Commercial. He gives you statistics about his failures on he court and lets you know that its those same failures that gave him the strength to win 6 championships. He gave you insight into his mentality which was a dope concept to me.

#3 Jordan vs Jordan

In This Gatorade spot Jordan plays himself in dark gym. Old bald headed Jordan on the Wizards plays an intense game against the young baby faced Jordan with hair in a Bulls Jersey. Trash talking was the center piece of his commercial and to see MJ playing himself was pretty cool even if it was a Commercial.

#2 Tell Me

Jordan towards the end of his career had many doubters. In this commercial he spoke directly to his critics “Challenge me, Doubt me, Disrespect me, Tell me I am older, Tell me I am slower, Tell me I can no longer fly”. He let the critics know at that point that he was on a mission.

#1 It’s the Shoes

Perhaps the most famous of all his sneaker Commercials Jordan shared this stage with Spike Lee who looked like he was still wearing the same clothes from his movie “Do the right thing”. He asks him what makes him so great on the court and concluded that it had to be the shoes.

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