Sunday, March 31, 2013

Opening Day Joy

As I sit here in My Marlins jersey the day Before most of the teams start play on Opening Day in Major League Baseball I can't help but think of the countless amount of fans around the world waiting to see they're teams play tomorrow. It has a Christmas like feel to it, where you can not sleep and keep tossing and turning. Baseball has a way of bringing the kid out in all of us and Opening day is big deal in my life. I still have fond memories of going to Sun Life/Pro Player stadium hours before gametime waiting to get autographs from my favorite players like Miguel Cabrera, Dontrelle Willis and Luis Castillo. I can't help but think of the countless amount of kids that will fall in Love with the game tommorrow and the countless amount of memories that will be created.

One of the great Joy's of opening day for many kids is missing school and playing hookie for the day with your dad for a trip to the ballpark. You can't really describe that feeling when you get those tickets in your hand, walk through those turnstiles and smell the aroma of Peanuts and Cracker jacks for the first time in spring. You Can't describe it until you are holding it in your hand and catch your 1st glimpse of your local baseball cathedral on the way to your seats.

Baseball's Opening day represents a renewed sense of hope for fans and players alike. Every team will start off with a 0-0 record and every park will be soldout. New players will familiarize themselves with new teams and new fans will get familiar with new smells, sights and experiences at the ballpark. So whether you are the San Francisco Giants coming off a World Series Championship or the Houston Astros Coming off a franchise worst season every team will start off with a clean slate. When the teams are introduced,Fireworks go off and National anthem is sung just know it's time to play ball.

If your a nutritionist then consider tomorrow your cheat day substitute salad with Hot dogs and Peanuts and plop your behind down in your seats and prepare for the start of Baseball season. If you have Cheap seats or luxury seats remember what opening day and baseball are about-Kids and the one still inside of you

So Happy Baseball Season!

Watch the video down below for a song that perfectly depicts and personify's the spirit of Opening day.


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  3. Great post, great writing! Opening Day is awesome.


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