Thursday, March 21, 2013

Throwback Thursday:1990 Unlv Rebels

With March Madness Here today examining and looking back at other teams is a normality for me at this time of year. Today for Throwback Thursday we look back at arguably the greatest team ever-the 1990 UNLV Running Rebels
One time when listening to a legendary Hip hop group I heard this classic line enter the airwaves of my ears.
“Well can I get a level on the bass and on the treble
Footin up and down like a UNLV Rebel”-A Tribe Called Quest
Q-tip and his crew knew that the UNLV Running Rebels got up and down the hardwood better then anybody. Led By Larry Johnson the Rebels were tough and played with a Home Rucker Park like toughness and swagger. Physically they were imposing, athletically they were unmatched and culturally they were transcendent. Baggy shorts, and Black shoes were just some of the mere finger prints they left on college basketball.

Larry Johnson,Stacey Augmon,Anderson Hunt,Greg Anthony and David Butler represent a group of guys who were dominant and a group that people in opposing arenas came out to see. They were the talk of college basketball. 35-5 was their regular season record and once they entered March Madness it was basically over for everybody who stood in their way, including Duke who got manhandled 103-73 which is the most lopsided NCAA Championship game in history. Hard to believe that a Coach K could get dominated on such a huge stage but that just speaks volumes to the UNLV team of 1990.
The Running Rebels of 1989-1990 are among the greatest in the history of College basketball few have the matched the chemistry, Swagger and cultural impact on the game like they have

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