Saturday, April 6, 2013

Diamond King obsession

Throughout the course of my card collecting days I've grown to appreciate many different sets. I never had a personal preference as far as brands go so because of that I appreciated everything from Topps to Fleer, Upperdeck and Pinnacle (RIP). Out of every set I have had the pleasure or receiving through purchase or trade Not has captured my imagination quite like the Donruss Diamond Kings series did. In my opinion no card represented what Cards should look like more then those. The job of baseball cards is to forever capture that moment in time in a players career and I felt like this set did that combining baseball with art in to cards that looked like mini portraits.

It gave collectors like myself  an alternative to be different and not just always buy Topps. Back in 2003 growing up as a kid I used always go down to Hollywood Collectibles  And one day I remember purchasing my 1st ever pack from the 2004 set of Diamond kings. I got a Vladimir Guerrero (Montreal Days), Deon Sanders, Carlos Delgado and a Luis Castillo.  I have some of the older cards from 91,92,93 they are just timeless cards.

Don't have this but cerftainly want it

If your one of the people that are collectors that read my blog and you are looking to trade Diamond Kings are the quickest way to get me to agree on something. I don't care if it's base cards, Jersey or Auto the cards themselves to me are worth it. If you are in the possession of  ANY Diamond King Autographs and are looking to trade please comment hit.

All in all great Timeless set that I wish they would bring back they were good for the hobby.


  1. I might have a few base DKs. I'll need to look.

    I like DKs, but some of them don't quite accurately represent the player's likeness, and that's probably being kind.

  2. When you find them let me know what you have. Yeah your right the facial expressions on some of the guys faces just dont match up.

  3. Best Diamond King Ever: 1985 Tony Gwynn.

  4. My Favorite:2004 Luis Castillo..... The best ever:1990 Ken Griffey Jr.

  5. Your site has now been added to the Sports Card Blogroll.


    JayBee Anama

  6. Thanks man appreciate it Keep up the good work man


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