Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Playoff Time 2013: Brandon Jennings

The phrase “Wearing out your welcome” seems to come to mind when thinking about the Face of the Milwaukee Bucks Franchise- Brandon Jennings. Over the past few seasons he has made his relationship with the organization rather awkward, Stating that he wants to play in a bigger market (such as Dallas) and will be doing his homework. He has also called out his teammates saying “I don’t see any All-Stars in this room”. He even called his coach Jim Boylan out for a late game timeout he didn’t agree with via social media.

But make no mistake about it Brandon Jennings is one talented player who has been one of the reasons for keeping the bucks relevant along with Players like Monta Ellis and Larry Sanders. Is he worth what he would want on a big market team? That’s another discussion.

The Bucks fired Scott Skiles midway through the season and under Interim coach Jim Boylan have played better basketball. Jennings has been very inefficient throughout the season shooting the ball at 39 % field goal clip.  He has had his moments this season but has failed to string together consistency you want from the face of your franchise. For all the talent he posses Jennings at this stage of his Career is still equally as immature.

“FEAR THE DEAR” is a catch phrase normally used around playoff time by Milwaukee Bucks fans but will the Miami Heat have to take heed to those words? The answer is probably no as Miami will probably win the series. There is always the possibility of the Bucks giving the Heat some trouble as they have been known to do in the regular season over the past few years. Larry Sanders isn’t known to be afraid of anybody, Monta Ellis once said he was better then Dwyane Wade and Brandon Jennings isn’t afraid to take big shots, The series could be very lopsided or could be a frustrating one for the Heat.

If Jennings wants to make his money elsewhere after this season he better show other teams what exactly it is they are paying for. He can earn himself a nice check if he performs like the guy who dropped 55 points in a game his rookie season and lead the Bucks to the playoffs. If he does that he will be fine if he plays and acts like the premadonna he has been over the last few seasons then he might have suitors second guessing themselves. Hopefully though he plays some good basketball in the 1st round and contributes to a watchable first round playoff series vs the defending Champion Miami Heat.

The Playoffs start April 20th with the Bucks matched up vs Lebron James and the defending Champion Miami Heat.

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