Monday, April 8, 2013

Keep It Money Orientated

On the internet they’re are a plethora of well written, insightful publications but some need to know what lane they are in and stick to it. Before I get into what I want to say let me first acknowledge that I like Forbes magazine and that they give people around the globe great info on celebrity networth’s and are always putting together solid content, I’m a fan of Forbes. On the Flipside Forbes need to stay in their lane. They just released a countdown featuring the top 10 most overpaid players in the NBA Using Career stats vs per year Salary coupled with advanced metrics. Now I Must say the list was pretty accurate but there was one particular player That has no business being on there and I’m talking about Future Hall of Fame seven footer Dirk Nowitzki.

Dirk’s Numbers might be dipping down but Lets look at the facts, He took he Dallas Mavericks to Unparalleled Heights that they never reached before his arrival. He made them Contenders, He filled seats in Dallas, He made the Franchise value increase he deserves every last cent for turning what was once a mediocre franchise and turning them into a marquee team.

In the Forbes article they expressed the following ”An obvious Hall of Famer, and yes, he was hurt earlier this season. But Nowitzki’s numbers have dipped for a couple of years now as he pushes age 35. The stats say he’s worth about $13 million at this point of his career”. Obviously he isn’t playing at a top 5 player in the NBA Level currently but think about it this season he’s averaged the least amount of minutes per game (31.3) since his rookie season when he played 20.4 minutes per game. Less minutes means less touches which means a less then impressive scoring line.

They had him as #6 on the list, now I want you to think to yourselves how many Titles combined have these players won. Carmelo Anthony, Hedo Turkoglu, Ben Gordon, Joe Johnson. None of those dudes have a ring but Dirk is more overpaid then them? That makes no sense at all

Again Lets look a facts. The Mavericks since Dirk arrived have done the following.
·        Made the Playoffs 12 times (6 before Dirk)
·        Won a Championship
·        Had 11 straight 50+ win seasons
·        Averaged 20,000+ fans 6 seasons straight
·        Became relevant year in and year out

Dirk has also became familiar with elite company becoming part of the 20,000 point club which is something only 38 players in he entire of history of the NBA have accomplished, He is currently in 18th.  The Mavericks Might not even be an NBA Team if it wasn't Dirk he saved basketball in Dallas.What I’m trying to say is that Forbes Don’t talk about basketball keep it strictly money when talking about any sports, Stay in your lane!!

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