Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Playoff Time 2013: Dwyane Wade

As the Playoffs are set to begin in the next few days the Miami Heat will enter the playoffs as the Number one seed with the a huge target on their back. During the regular season they made a lot of things look easy and had an impressive span of basketball reeling off 27 straight wins for one of the NBA’s longest winning streaks in history. This was due in large part to Dwyane Wade figuring out, accepting and executing his role on this Heat team to the Highest level possible.

Before  The Big 3 was formed Miami was  “Wade County” It was his team and the offense ran through him, there was no such thing as “too many” touches or “too many” shots. When Lebron James and Chris Bosh Came to the Magic City  the Heat were expected to click right away but that’s not how basketball works. Lebron&Wade struggled to figure out how to work within the flow of the offense and that Cost them a Championship in the 2011 Finals vs Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks.

Fresh off a championship this season we have seen Dwyane Wade settle into his role as the 2nd option on the team to Lebron James as well as him relinquishing the team to James. Wade has stated several times “This is Lebron’s team” but it seems like this year he has accepted that fact and grew more comfortable with his role on the team. At 31 years of age Wade has been pacing himself playing only 66 games and resting  more often this year. He also is playing at a much more controlled pace you don’t see him play like “Flash” Anymore exploding to the rim with no regard for human life in conjunction with contorting his body while in the air. We have seen Dwyane limit the falls and stay healthier and that’s the main thing for him at this point of his career.

This season has seen a more controlled matured Dwyane Wade which has led to less shots in the offense but a Career high in Field Goal percentage at 51%.  At 31 years old Wade remains one of the NBA’s premier shooting guards and as the Heat enter the 2013 playoffs look for him to turn his game up. There is is still plenty left in the tank and as the Heat Look to repeat Wade looks to remind people that he isn’t “too old” or “Too slow”. He is still one of the NBA’s premier perimeter defenders on one of the top Defensive teams the league has to offer . While Lebron James will be the focal point of the Miami offense look for Wade to have nights that remind people that while he is the #2 option he can carry a team and dominate both ends of the floor.

The 1st round of the NBA Playoffs start April 20th and the Heat will match up with the 8th seeded Milwaukee Bucks.

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