Saturday, April 20, 2013

Playoff Time 2013: Roy Hibbert

The NBA is a guard driven league these days but that doesn't mean in any way, shape or form that big men don't play a vital role in a team's playoff success. Although Roy Hibbert is a solid player it is inexcusable for him to not be the dominant force the Pacer pay him to be down low. Roy has all the talent in the world but needs to start asserting his dominance down low on a more consistent basis, what better time to start then the NBA Playoffs.

The Indiana Pacers had a great season and come into the playoffs as the #3 seed so you can't argue with success but Roy has to be more consistent. Averaging 11 points and 9 Rebounds is decent but not what Indiana needs from him down low if they are going beat the Miami Heat and win a championship. Roy needs to be averaging 20-10 or 18-9 the playoffs are all about rising to the occasion and taking your game to the next level I and every other basketball fan need to see that from him.

As the Pacers enter the playoffs they will start the 1st round Matched up against the Atlanta Hawks. The Pacers are expected to win and the Hawks Frontcourt of Al Horford and Josh Smith will be a nice test for Hibbert. We All know the Pacers are better when Roy Hibbert is playing a high level of basketball. It makes Paul George Better  which means that the Pacers become an even tougher match up.

Roy Hibbert has all the tools but will he finally begin to put all the pieces together to help lead the Indiana Pacers deep into the playoffs? That's on Roy's shoulders.

The NBA Playoffs begin April 21st for the Pacers when they take on Josh Smith and the Atlanta Hawks.

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