Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Day I Knew Baseball Season Would Suck

Before Baseball season even began As a Marlins fan I knew I got dealt with a pretty bad hand with our 3rd firesale in franchise history (Thanks Pinhead Jeffery Loria and Midget Lucky Charms wannabe David Sampson) . I knew we would lack the talent to match up with our division Rivals such as the Nats, Phillies, Braves. I knew all of that but something happened to me where I knew that this season woule be awful, let me explain.

I went to the Dollar Store after getting a fresh much needed haircut last Sunday to purchase some baseball cards. I purchased 4 Packs of Topps 2013 and when opening the packs I was giddy with excitement to have new cards. I am Never one to believe in Omans or signs but when going through my very 1st pack of Topps 2013 this year I came across these 2 cards back to back

Yes that is Josh Johnson and Adeiny Hechavarria! I saw this and thought that the baseball gods were playing some sick mind game with my head to put those two cards in the same pack right next to each other.

If you Don’t know then let me inform you those two players are related because of that big trade that took place between the Marlins and the Bluejays. It sent them one of my favorite pitchers, Jose Reyes, Emilio Bonifacio and Mark Buehrle a for basically a bunch of young minor league players.

Seeing this cards in the same pack just let me know what thousands upon Millions already know which is that the Miami Marlins will suck this year.

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