Saturday, April 20, 2013

Playoff Time 2013: Deron Williams & Joe Johnson

Remember all of that Media hoopla about the Brooklyn Nets? Remember all of the trash talk coming out of the new signings  Joe Johnson& Deron Williams  mouth about taking over the city? Well although they had a solid season they didn't quite take over New York but unlike the New Jersey days they are in the NBA Playoffs. This is where Joe Johnson and Deron Williams need to find that extra level in their games and become great player.

All that talk about being the best back court in the NBA needs to be proven and  Brooklyn's All-Stars need to rise to the occasion, Its playoff time. This season was a roller coaster for Jay-Z's team. Avery Johnson got fired early in the season and the team seemed to have chemistry struggling to play 500. ball. After P.J Carlisimo  took over the Nets began to play more loose and free while developing a swagger. You began to hear the "BROOKLYN" chants reverberating throughout the Barclay's Center more often. Deron and Joe began to look like themselves again particularly in the middle of the season on the 1st night of a home and home vs Milwaukee and their dynamic back court of Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis. The game was on the line and the Nets handed the ball to Joe Johnson and he was "Iso Joe" and with a few seconds rose up and fired a buzzer beater three point shot to sebnd the crowd into a frenzy. It was the 1st of several times Joe Johnson came thru in the clutch as the Nets go to guy.

Williams and Johnson both came from teams where they were the guy but couldn't elevate the franchises to that Championship level in Atlanta and Utah. As they enter the Playoffs they face the Derrick Rose-less Chicago Bulls in the 1st round. Although the Bulls lack the star power of Rose that in no way diminishes how physical they are at every position on the floor. The guards that will likely be guarding Brooklyn's back court are Nate Robinson and Kirk Hinrich who are known for getting after opponents making life tough. The responsibility will be on Deron Williams shoulders to facilitate and get Joe Johnson good looks while he's moving off the ball.

These are 2 proven All-Stars but there is a fine line between All-Star and Great Players, do Johnson and Williams elevate to that level this Postseason.?

The Playoffs Begin April 20th as the Brooklyn Nets take on the Chicago Bulls.

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