Friday, April 19, 2013

Playoff Time 2013: Stephen Curry

When playing the game of basketball some people got to work to become great and for some it’s just genetics, for Stephen Curry shooting seems to be genetic. As we know he is the son of Charlotte Hornets All-Time leading Scorer Dell Curry. He comes from a family of shooters and isn't afraid of the big lights he grew up shooting in NBA Arenas in Charlotte, Toronto and everywhere else between. He showed the NBA world on National television that he is big time when he dropped 54 points in Madison Square Garden in a game against the Knicks earlier this season. Steph showed us what he is capable of this season when fully healthy.

This season was a great one for the Warriors Steph Curry stayed Healthy, Harrison Barnes Developed and the team won 47 games and became one of the more exciting teams to watch. A big part of that was the health of the kid from Davidson. Many people forgot how talented he was and began to question his toughness after all the struggles to stay on the court.

For the first time in his career Curry enters the playoffs-where careers are made. The Warriors are a young and exciting team but how far can he take them and can he elevate his game to become elite. Stephen Curry showed everybody that he is a cerebral player in the regular season and that he isn’t afraid of big shots, this is going to be a big test of Steph’s intensity as we all know the playoffs are a whole different animal from the regular season.

The Warriors enter the Playoffs as the #6 seed in the Western Conference and face a Denver Nuggets team similar in playing style to them. Pace control will be a big thing in this series and Steph will have to outplay his opponent on the other end being Ty Lawson. If the Warriors can get out in transition and let Curry play off the ball and get some good looks coming off of screens then he is in a good position to do some damage this series.

When the Golden State Warriors got new owners they promised that this franchise would return to championship form. Legends like Chris Mullen, Nate Thurmond, Rick Barry and Wilt Chamberlain all made they’re mark in warrior uniforms, Will Stephen Curry be able to leave one even greater and lead the Warriors to become NBA Champions?  It’s all on him when the games on the line.

The NBA Playoffs begin April 20th as Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors take on Ty Lawson and the #3 seed Denver Nuggets.

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