Sunday, April 21, 2013

Playoff Time 2013: Tim Duncan

Greatness of certain players in the NBA sometimes get taken for granted because they get Classified as boring due to them not having a high flamboyant playing style like most stars in the league, Tim Duncan is one of those players. He has arguably been the best player in the last 15 years and a model of consistency for the San Antonio Spurs. He has 4 Championship rings to put that into perspective, the big 3 of the Miami Heat have that same number combined. He may be boring to the Casual fan but Tim Duncan is a Living legend.

This season for the Spurs star was pretty much the same he produced averages of 17 Points and 10 rebounds while helping the Spurs get 2nd best record in the Western Conference. While people are quick to point out his age they need to also acknowledge that fact that at 36 years of age he is still averaging a an efficient double-double.

As the San Antonio Spurs enter the Playoffs once again they will face the LA Lakers but this year it comes with a bit of a twist in the plot, there will be no Kobe Bryant due to an injury he sustained just before the season ended. The Spurs and Lakers have had many classic playoff battles before but with no Kobe it won't feel right they can't stop the game though we got basketball to play. The Lakers are expected to get dominated by some but some also believe  this will be an evenly matched series. I just know that as far as coaching goes that Greg Poppivich will not allow an undermanned Lakers squad to beat him.

At 36 Years of age Tim Duncan is getting closer to turning the page on his basketball career,  Can himself and the Spurs get him ring #5?

The Playoffs begin for the Lakes today April 21st as they take on the San Antonio Spurs.

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