Thursday, June 13, 2013

Five Random Cards #1

Recently I Got a PWE from my main man Kevin from “The Diamond King” as part of graduating from high school. I also completed a trade with my man Dustin from Cootveal and Vealtones so they're are cards all around my house. So I decided to start a new series of posts called “5 random cards” where I will randomly grab 5 cards and just put them in a blog post. So here we go.

Card #1 Score 1991 Ken Griffey Jr.

Ken Griffey Jr. in 1991 was in the process of starting one of the greatest careers in baseball history in his 3rd season in the show hit 327. banged out 22 home runs along with 100 RBI's. Griffey was on his way to becoming one of the most feared players in the game along with collecting his 2nd gold glove and silver slugger awards in 1991.

Card #2 Topps Gold Label 1999 Cliff Floyd

Going to my 1st Marlins game in the same year this card was manufactured I got a chance to see Cliff Floyd live in person and he was a big guy 6 foot 5 inches tall along with 220 pounds and a vicious left handed swing. Cliff never became the star that most people thought he had potential to be but still put together is fair share of nice seasons. Like in 2001 where he hit 317. along with 31 home runs and 103 RBI's earning the only All-Star appearance of his career.

Card #3 Fleer 1990 Eddie Murray

Eddie Murray had a long 21 year career many his best years with the Baltimore Orioles. People forget though he had some solid years in LA with the Dodgers. In 1990 the same year as this card Eddie hit 330. with 26 home runs and 95 RBI's which earned him a silver slugger that year. So remember Eddie as an Oriole but don't forget the Dodger version either he was pretty good.

Card #4 Topps 1994 Jeff Conine

In 1994 Jeff Conine had already earned the “Mr.Marlin” mantle and wore it proudly playing the game the right way. Conine was apart of both Marlins World Championship teams in 1997 and 2003 . In 1994 though he earned his 1st of 2 all-star appearances and hit 319. that season which was the highest of any season in his career.

Card #5 Upperdeck SPX 2002 Juan Encarnacion

Not the best player on the 2003 world championship team but certainly an overlooked part of it. People like to focus on Miguel Cabrera, Josh Beckett, Dontrelle Willis and many others but Juan Encarnacion was a very valuable piece. In 2003 he had a career year when in 2003 hit 270. with 19 Home runs and 94 RBI's. He was also solid on defense with a perfect 1.000 in 156 games he played and didn't win the gold glove that year.

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