Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tru School Of Kicks: Dee Brown Reebok Omni Pumps

From 1990-2002 Dee Brown played basketball in the NBA for the Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors and Orlando Magic. He had an OK career as a role player 11 points per game and just under 4 assists. People won't remember him much for what he did in his tenure for those 3 teams but more for what he did during all-star weekend 1991 in Charlotte.

During the Slam Dunk contest Dee Brown was looking to seal the 1991 Slam Dunk Contest with a “Cherry on the sundae” if you will. He looked at the rim took 3 hard dribbles toward the basket proceeded by 2 long steps and exploded upward while covering his eyes in mid air and jammed the basketball with his left hand. The dunk sealed the dunk contest crown for the Jacksonville native and landed him a sneaker commercial and endorsement with Reebok. The omni pumps were one of the most iconic shoes of the 1990's and any kid who grew up in that era of basketball vividly remembers them. That dunk was a cultural revolution, no shoe has ever been able to pump up so Reebok had its own signature swag if you will. Dee Brown proved you don't have to be Lebron or MJ to get your own sneaker.

On June 14th Reebok decided to re release the Dee Brown Omni Pumps arguably the brands most iconic basketball sneaker ever. The sneaker is priced at 115$ so if you were one of those kids who grew up in the 90's and couldn't afford them here is your chance. If your like me who was born in the mid 90's and have never ever physically seen the pair shoes but salivate at them chance to get them here is your chance. I'm going basketball shoe shopping pretty soon for my post graduation pair of kicks my dad promised me so if I see these it's a must buy.

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