Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Video Blog:My Sneaker Collection (Jordan, Reebok, Nike Addidas, Converse)

Decided to take a break from talking about sports and show you guys my sneaker collection,enjoy the vid!


  1. Very cool shoe collection. Once upon a time, I was into collecting kicks. Ironically... now that I can actually afford nice ones, I don't actively collect them anymore.

    But here's my 5 favorite shoes in my closet:

    #5 Adidas Superstar (Shell Toes)
    #4 Timberland Low Cut Boots
    #3 Nike Jordan 13 Low Top
    #2 Vans Half Cab
    #1 Nike Air Max 95

    But during the summer, 98% of the time you'll see me in my Olukai flips.

  2. wow crazy how life works. the Air jordan 13's and the Air max 95's are in my top 20. My favorite shoe ever is the Converese Aero Jams by Larry Johnsons which i never had but would love to purchase if they re released them.


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