Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tru School Of Kicks: Fila Grant Hill 1's

In honor of Grant Hill's retirement today on Tru School of kicks we remember the Fila Grant Hill 1's. The shoe looks like the 1990's and is a classic among people in the urban community. The original Grant Hill Fila's represents a time when the shoe game was much different and there was more variety. I think me an Denver Nuggets Small Forward Andre Iguadola have something in common sneaker wise to a degree if you read the tweet below.

When I was a child one of the 1st basketball shoes I could remember seeing was these Fila Grant hill's so there is an emotional connection there. I also remember going to the court around like age 4 and seeing the local ballers rocking these bad boys so to see this coming out again coming out again is just great.

This shoe is relevant for more then just hill's retirement recently Fila announced that they will be re releasing the Grant Hill 1's. For a company that has fell from grace from the number 3 shoe company in the world to relative obscurity it might be the biggest move they have made in awhile. With that said good luck to Fila on the retro release it's great to have that variety back in the sneaker game, some people get sick of seeing Air Jordan's all the time.

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