Saturday, June 22, 2013

It's Time For Some Baseball

Now that basketball season is over and I don't have to focus on the media circus that is the Miami Heat the blog will now be changing its focus to baseball. I will still write things about basketball with the draft and summer league coming out but it's time to focus on Americas past time the way I should be. Outside of the Marlins who I follow because they are my team I was very oblivious to most things going on in the MLB this season. I'm very happy my Marlins are playing better baseball winning 5 out of their last 8 against the Cardinals,D-Backs and Giants.

I'm excited to see if Miguel Cabrera can repeat and win the triple crown again as he currently leads in the batting average and RBI categories he is still chasing Baltimore Orioles slugger Chris Davis who has 27 homeruns to Cabrera's 20. I think Miggy who is one of the most consistent hitters we have ever seen in baseball history will be right there when it's all said and done for the repeat.

I'm definitely excited to see if Giancarlo Stanton will be in the home run derby this season. As most baseball fans know his batting practices alone are a homerun derby and he posses once in a life time power that most people aren't really accustom to seeing so him at an event like the homerun derby would be nothing but a treat for the fans of the MLB.

Of course I will still have my card posts but I'm going to incorporate other pieces of exclusive memorabilia that I feel would be cool to share with you guys. So far all my guys here who collect baseball memorabilia /Cards and all that good stuff you will love all the stuff coming up.

Still love my baseball and can't wait to show you guys some of these great posts and videos I'm have coming up.

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