Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tony Parker: Greatness in Numbers

The San Antonio Spurs are a dynasty in the modern era whether they win a title this year or not. For the last decade they have appeared in half of the NBA Finals played and have won 4 times. They have been called boring to the casual basketball fan but for people who live this game they understand the greatness of the Spurs. Tim Duncan has always been the man in San Antonio but over the last few seasons Tony Parker has become “The Guy”. This whole season the Spurs have been riding Parker as #1 option while playing the usual Elite team basketball they are known for.

The Spurs have been dominant this postseason and what looked like an even match up in Western Conference finals became a one sided affair when the Spurs crushed the hopes of Zach Randolph and the Memphis Grizzlies with a 4 game sweep. Tony Parker has been playing great basketball but people may be unaware of the magnitude of the level he is playing at.

Tony Parker is 31 years old as of this year and you may be surprised on how similar or even better his numbers are in this postseason compared to several point guards In the hall of fame when they were 31 years old.

When Playing amongst stars like Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobli Its hard to shine sometimes but at 31 years old he has done that for the Spurs and became a leader kind of like Jason Kidd had been through out his career in his time in 2004.

In the 2003-2004 playoffs Jason Kidd was 31 years old just like Tony Parker is now but Parker s numbers are better then Kidd at 31 years of ago, check the numbers below.

Tony Parker at 31years old: 23 Points 7 Assists 4 Rebounds 1 Steal 47 % FG 37 % 3-Point 79% FT Through 14 games

Jason Kidd at 31 years of old: 13 Points 9 Assists 7 Rebounds 2 steals 33%FG 20% 3-Point FG 81% FT in 11 games

Kidd edges Parker in categories like Assists, Rebounds and Steals but Parker proves to be more efficient having a higher field goal percentage and 3 point percentage but the two are definitely comparable.

While Parker and Kidd are Parker certainly comparable at 31 you will be surprised which Hall of famer's numbers are worse at 31 years old in he playoffs. Isaiah Thomas is a beast anybody who drops a 25 points on a bad ankle in the NBA Finals is but at 31 years of age Tony Parkers Numbers are better.

Tony Parker at 31years old: 23 Points 7 Assists 4 Rebounds 1 Steal 47 % FG 37 % 3-Point 79% FT Through 14 games

Isaiah Thomas at 31 years old: 14 Points 9 Assists 4 Rebounds 1 Steal 40%FG 27% 3-Point 72%FT

Thomas is great and a 2 time champion but like Kidd Points and efficiency gives Parker the edge in postseason numbers at 31.

Arguably the greatest point guard of all-time has comparable playoffs statistics at 31 years of age with Tony Parker. Magic Johnson changed the way basketball was played running point guard for the “Showtime” Lakers of the 80's but his 31 year old playoff numbers are closer with Parker than you think.

Tony Parker at 31years old: 23 Points 7 Assists 4 Rebounds 1 Steal 47 % FG 37 % 3-Point 79% FT Through 14 games

Magic Johnson: 22 Points 13 Assists 8 Rebounds 1 Steals 44%FG 29%3-Point FG 83%FT in 19 games

Magic due to playing at some the fastest pace in NBA history has better numbers then Tony Parker but Magic is known for being one of the best all-around players in league history, so the fact that Parker Is comparable is an accomplish in itself. Magic Doubles Parker up in categories like assists and Rebounds but Parker averages more Points and has better Field goal percentage and three point percentage then Magic and we all know the importance of efficiency is in basketball.

If you didn't appreciate the greatness of Tony Parker before this article then I hope you this helped that. Tony Parker is a hall of famer and winner in this league. His numbers are comparable to some of the best who ever did it at his position.

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