Friday, June 7, 2013

Lebron James Gets Cover on NBA 2K14 (Reaction)

So Thursday night as I firmly plopped my behind on my couch in anticipation for the NBA Finals I nonchalantly went on Facebook because you know I got a page to admin and maintain. So as I'm scrolling down my news feed I came across some disturbing news. The picture you see above this paragraph made me eat my heart out. It pictured the basketball player I hate more then anything pictured on something I love dearly. Of course I am speaking about Lebron James being featured on the cover of NBA 2K14.

Not going to lie that caught me off guard but I had a game to watch so I didn't care for now. The Spurs took game 1 92-88 due in large part to some great execution down the stretch from the team and a big time shot by Tony Parker.

After the game ended and I had gotten over the fact that LBJ would be on the cover of 2K but it got even worse. I did some research on some of the new features in the game and I got even more pissed. Apparently they are having a new game mode this year which features Lebron called “Path to greatness”. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!! This guy is a phenomenal talent and the biggest thing in basketball from a marketing standpoint but to have all this already is premature his story is still being written. In other words he isn't Michael Jordan.

2K picked the perfect time to put him on the cover though his popularity is at an all-time high and they're are less people like myself who despise the guy so they will sell really high especially with this being his 1st ever video game cover. They have something called the “Lebron Pack” where you can buy the game for more money and get exclusive features such as Lebron James in blacktop mode and his signature skill. So 2k is going to max out his rating most likely, make him unbeatable and basically make him immortal, well being the cocky 2K player I am fearful of nobody I responded by saying this on Twitter to Lebron Fans who play 2K and 2K Sports.

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