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NBA Point Guard Power Rankings (2012-2013)

The modern day version of NBA Basketball is quick, fast and exciting. It is a point guard driven league and we have a lot of tremendously talented players at that position and 2013 proved that. With Injuries to some of the games top talents like Derrick Rose and Rajon Rondo we got to appreciate how great they truly are with them seeing little to no action this season but it allowed us to focus on other great players like Tony Parker and Stephen Curry. There is such an abundance of talent at the point guard position that its hard to pay attention to all 30 starting PG's. So I took the liberty of putting together the 2012-2013 NBA point guard power rankings, pay attention for your favorite point guard. Lets get started.

#30 Jameer Nelson (Orlando Magic)

The Orlando Magic in the post Dwight Howard era are clearly in a rebuilding stage and having the leagues worst record is a bi product of that. They have a good young core of players like Nikola Vucevic, Andrew Nicholson and Maurice Harkless. With all of this happening an aging Jameer Nelson had the worst season of his career shooting an inefficient 39% from the field. He looks like a shell of what he used to be years ago as an All-Star point guard that played on a team that went to the finals. While still more than serviceable Jameer is no longer a starting point guard in this league due to his deteriorating skills and lack of defensive ability. He ranked 28th among all starting point guards in the NBA this season at 14.44. I think Jameer can help out a team that’s a contender and needs point guard production off the bench, 2013 pretty much proved he can't be a starter anymore.

Stat line of the year: 27 Points 12 Assists 5 Rebounds 2 steals 9-20 FG on March 25th vs Heat

#29 Mo Williams (Utah Jazz)

Mo Williams is another case of a guy who just isn't a starter at this point in his career. In 2013 his 1st season with the Utah Jazz Mo had durability issues missing 36 games. Defensively he wasn't the best but when Mo was on the floor he was productive averaging just under 13 points per game and shooting 38% from the 3-point line. If Mo was more Durable he would be a bit higher on this list but because of that he is at #29. Mo needs to go back to his role he had on the Clippers he hasn't proven to be durable and I feel his game is more suited for that.

Stat line of the year: 17 Points 14 Assists 2 Blocks 4 Steals 6-16 FG on November 12th vs Raptors

#28 Brandon Knight (Detroit Pistons)

BrandonKnight in 2013 was known for being the bud of many peoples jokes after getting destroyed on a dunk by the much bigger Deandre Jordan. Besides him going viral though his play in 2013 saw his numbers gradually decrease free throw, field goal and 3 point percentage. The most alarming thing about Knight is that he has the lowest player efficiency in the NBA among starting point guards at 12.04 and only averages only 4 assists. That is unacceptable he is to talented to be playing so bad at this point in his career and to only average 4 assists with big men like Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe, GET IT TOGETHER!!! I Have hope for Knight though he is very talented but needs to work on executing better in pick and roll situations and defensive rotation. I hope to see the Pistons in playoff contention and Brandon Knight higher on this list next season.

Stat line of the year: 30 Points 7 Rebounds 5 Assists 1 Block 1 Steal 10-20 FG December 8th vs Cavaliers

#27 Jeremy Lin (Houston Rockets)

Last season Jeremy Lin took over the league with the whole “Linsanity” thing going on with the Knicks last season. This year was his year to show us what he could do with a whole year and while he was solid Lin was not the impact player the Rockets signed him to be. While he had a solid year for the Rockets complimenting James Harden and being a key contributor to the team Lin was among the league leaders in turnovers while being a defensive liability. I think it was a bit unrealistic for the Rockets to sign him to a large contract based off of 35 games of action in New York and expect him to be an all-star but Lin proved this year while he is not an elite point guard that he is a player who impacts winning and led the Rockets to the 8th seed in the Western conference. Lin ranked 8th in steals this season averaging 1.6 per game.

Stat line of the year: 38 Point 7 Assists 3 Rebounds 2 Blocks 2 Steals 11-21 FG on December 10th vs Spurs

#26 Goran Dragic (Phoenix Suns)

2013 was not a good year for the Phoenix Suns as a whole but Goran Dragic was a bright spot placing in the top 10 in Assists, Steals and Double-Doubles among point guards in the league. You probably wouldn't pay much attention to him in the first place because he isn't a big name so some of those stats could be surprising. If the Suns were even a 35+ win team he is much higher on this list with his high rankings in so many categories among Point guards but because of that he is down here. I'm a fan of Dragic's game he is a very smart player and as the Suns move forward in the rebuilding process he will be a key asset.

Stat line of the year: 31 Points 12 Assists 9 Rebounds 10-19 FG on March 24th vs Nets

#25 Mario Chalmers (Miami Heat)

Out of all of the point guards in the league nobody plays it more unconventionally than Mario Chalmers does on a nightly bases. With Lebron James and Dwyane Wade as the primary ball handlers on the Heat Chalmers usually finds himself relegated to the role of spot up shooter which he does very well. This year he placed in the Top 10 among point guards and top 20 in the whole league in three point field goal percentage shooting a career high 40%. He broke the Miami Heat single game record for three pointers made in a game when he hit 10 of them against the Sacramento Kings on January 12th .He also placed in the top 15 among point guards in steals averaging 1.5 per game. He isn't a star but flourishes in his role.

Stat line of the year : 34 Points 3 Assists 2 Rebounds 2 Steals 12-16 FG on January 12th vs Kings

#24 Darren Collison (Dallas Mavericks )

In his 1st season in Dallas Darren Collison had a steady season. The Mavericks were a 500. team going 41-41 so they pretty mirrored the play of their starting PG. Collison wasn't dazzling but he did place top 5 in free throw shooting among starting point guards with a career high 88% and top 10 in field goal percentage among starting point guards. Collison looks more like a solid back up than a starter but I think hes finally found a home in Dallas.

Stat line of the year: 23 Points 9 Assists 2 Rebounds 3 Steals 7-11 FG on January 14th vs Timberwolves

#23 Steve Nash (LA Lakers)

Over the last few years Steve Nash has begun to look like a regular guy and not an All-star or 2 time MVP. I think it's safe to say he isn't an elite point guard anymore and its been like that for a few seasons now but he is rated very low because he just wasn't that impact player and floor general the Lakers needed him to be. On a team with Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard they're is no reason a guy like Nash shouldn't average anywhere between 10-12 Assists. He could get at least 5 Assists if he figured how to use Dwight Howard in the pick and roll more efficiently. Instead he was a bottom tier point guard and a regular player on the Lakers. Despite the down year he still placed in the top 5 among Starting point guards in 3 point shooting at 43%.

Stat Line of the year: 19 Points 12 Assists 4 Rebounds 1 Steal 7-12 FG on March 17th vs Kings

#22 Kyle Lowry (Toronto Raptors)

After having a solid year in Houston last season 2013 showed Kyle Lowry solidifing his spot as the starting point guard of the Toronto Raptors moving forward. The only problem was that he had durability issues missing 14 games at different points of the year. He ranks in the top half of starting point guards in the league with a player efficiency rating at 17.51 Along with being in the top half in double-doubles among starting point guards with 11 this season. One thing people don't know about Lowry is that he is the 3rd best rebounding point guard in the league behind Russel Westbrook and Rajon rondo averaging 4.7 per game which says a lot about Lowry's toughness on the boards. Lowry plays a solid all around game and with Jose Calderon gone he is the guy at Point guard for the Raptors moving forward.

Stat line of the year: 10 Points 10 Rebounds 10 Assists 5 Steals 4-7 FG on March 2nd vs Bucks

#21 Ricky Rubio (Minnesota Timberwolves)

If this were list based on the most exciting players to watch in the NBA Ricky Rubio would definitely be near the top of the list but these are the 2013 point guard power rankings and unfortunately for Rubio his lack of durability scoring efficiency or productivity has him this low. If healthy for a whole season he could be in the the top 10 easy he has the best court vision in the NBA. In 2013 Rubio missed 25 games and it forced the Timberwolves to mirco manage his minutes which in turn affected his numbers and Minnesota to miss the playoffs once again. Rubio has all the tools to be a great player but he lacks the ability to score the ball efficiently he shot 36% from the field and 29% from the Three point line in 2013. Despite his scoring deficiencies he still managed to produce at a high level among starting point guards in the NBA placing in the top 10 rebounds and Steals. If he had a jump shot he would become scary good and teams would have to play him more honestly. Hopefully in the off season he works on that and stays healthy because he is a joy to watch play.

Stat line of the year: 21 Points 12 Assists 13 Rebounds 1 Block 9-17 FG on March 12th vs Spurs

#20 Jeff Teague (Atlanta Hawks)

During the 2013 season with Joe Johnson gone in Brooklyn and Josh Smith in a contract year Jeff Teague had a bigger role on the Hawks and proved he could flourish in it leading the Hawks to a 6th seeded eastern conference
playoff birth. He set career highs in points and assists and seems to just get better every year. He ranks in the top half of starting point guards in the league in Points, Assists, Field Goal %, Free throw % and Steals. Jeff Teague is very well balanced, not elite but a stable starting point guard. He ranked 9th in Double-doubles among starting point guard tied with Stephen Curry at 15. Teague has shows improvement every year, how much is left?

Stat line of the year: 24 Points 13 Assists 4 Rebounds 1 Steal 9-15 FG on March 27th vs Raptors

#19 Greivis Vasquez (New Orleans Pelicans)

Speaking of improvement that’s exactly what Greivis Vasquez continued to do and I honestly feel like he got robbed of this years most improved player award. In 2013 He set career highs in pretty much every category there is like Points, rebounds, assists, field goal percentage, ETC. He is just a solid player who works his tail off to improve his game. The only thing that's keeping Greivis from being rated higher is his turnovers at 3.2 per game which is among the highest in the league. The only point guards who averaged more turnovers in 2013 than Vasquez are Jrue Holiday, Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook. So that's something he needs to work on along with his defense which I felt was way to inconsistent. For a player who is as smart as Greivis with the body he has they're is no reason why his player efficiency rating should be a 16.34. He doesn’t even average a steal which is inexcusable for a point guard who is 6'6 with longer arms than most other guards. That shows me a lack of activity on the defensive end which Greivis can definitely fix as he moves forward in his career. One thing that is impressive about Greivis Vasquez is the amount of double-doubles he collects. In terms of Point guards he is a double double machine with 25 this past season he was 2nd among all starting point gurads behind only Russell Westbrook who had 31. 2013 was a great step forward for the former Maryland star and I expect to see him rated higher than this at the end of next season.

Stat line of the year: 21 Points 12 Assists 11 Rebounds 1 Steal on February 8th vs Hawks

#18 Isaiah Thomas (Sacramento Kings)

The Kings are a weird team, they tried to split time at the point guard position between Jimmer Fredette/Tyreke Evans/Isaiah Thomas. Thomas got the bulk of the minutes at 26 a game but that revolving door messed with his productivity. Despite that he still managed an efficient 13.9 points per game on 44% shooting. Thomas made the most of what he had this season but with Tyreke Evans most likely leaving this off season all Thomas has to show to the Kings is that he is the guy to start at point guard heading into the future. I feel like if they are trying to play uptempo then Isaiah Thomas is the way to go not Jimmer Fredette. If Thomas gets the chance to play more minutes the Kings will finally have some stability at point guard because his numbers will increase and he is great at taking care of the ball averaging 1.8 turnovers per game. He needs the right chance so for now Isaiah Thomas is a question mark but still had a better year than a lot of starting point guards in 2013.

Stat line of the year: 31 Points 7 Assists 3 Rebounds 1 Steal 6-10 FG on March 27th vs Warriors

#17 Raymond Felton (New York Knicks)

If this were based on statistics Raymond Felton would not be that high at 15.22 there are guys behind him who have higher player efficiency ratings than him. Felton is only this high because he was the starting point guard on a team where he was relied upon heavily and delivered. The Knicks finished as the #2 seed in the eastern conference and he helped the Knicks win a playoff series for the 1st time in over a decade with his stellar play against the Boston Celtics averaging 17 points and 5 assists. He showed inconsistency throughout this season but you can't deny his impact for the New York Knicks this season at point guard.

Stat line of the year: 27 Points 7 Assists 4 Rebounds 2 Steals 10-20 FG on December 6th vs Heat

#16 George Hill (Indiana Pacers)

GeorgeHill had a good 2013 season setting career highs in Points,Assists and Rebounds. He was a key contributor for a Pacer team that captured the central division tittle and was one win from reaching the NBA Finals. After being traded from San Antonio Hill has earned the job as the starting PG for the Pacers and found a home playing in his own hometown of Indianapolis. He doesn’t do anything  great statistically but Hill does a great job of getting the Pacers to play to their identity which is one of the things you need your starting point guard to do in order to win. Hill finished in the top half of the league among point guards in just about every major offensive category like Points, Rebounds and Field Goal percentage in 2013.

Stat line of the year: 22 Points 8 Assists 9 Rebounds 2 Steals on Jnauary 6th vs Jazz

#15 Jrue Holiday (Philadelphia 76ers)

Before the 2013 season started many people were expecting monster numbers from Jrue Holiday with arguably the best center in the league coming to Philly in Andrew Bynum. The former Laker missed the entire season Jrue was forced to step into a leadership role for the Sixers and actually kept them in the Playoff hunt for longer then people expected. He earned All- Star consideration during the season while raking in the top 10 in scoring, rebounding, assists and Double-doubles among point guards in 2013. He led the league in turnovers averaging just under 4 a game, he needs to progress in that area if the Sixers want to take steps to become a playoff team again. 2013 though was a great year for Jrue Holiday as he proved that “Quick aint fair”. Shout out to Asap Rocky lol that commercial is bad.

Stat line of the year: 33 Points 14 Assists 5 Rebounds 3 Steals on January 18th vs Raptors

#14 Brandon Jennings (Milwaukee Bucks)

2013 was probably the last we have seen of Brandon Jennings as a Milwaukee Buck as his contract is up and he has already expressed he wants to play elsewhere. Jennings ran his mouth a whole lot this year criticizing coaches, players, management and then saying the Bucks would beat the defending champion Miami Heat in 6 games and then promptly got swept in the 1st round. Besides all that though Jennings had a good season though averaging just under 18 points, He was very inefficient though shooting 39%. He had to take lots of shots due to the lack of offensive weapons the Bucks have. People can say what they want about Jennings but they can never say that Jennings didn't give the Bucks everything he had these past 4 years. Still a tremendous talent but Jennings may never get any higher on this list then he is now if he doesn’t learn how to play smarter.

Stat line of the year: 31 Points 10 Assists 3 Rebounds 1 Steal 10-16 FG on March 9th vs Warriors

#13 Damian Lillard (Portland Trailblazers)

Since he stepped foot in the league Damian Lillards sole mission was to let the world know just how talented he was and gave us one of the best rookie seasons we have had in some time. He ran away with the rookie of the year and was the talk of the league early in the year. He showed he was a deadly three point shooter breaking StephenCurry's rookie 3-point shooting record by hitting 185 triples. He won rookie of the month in the western conference all 6 months. He also displayed his durability by becoming the 1st rookie since Elvin Hayes in 1969 to lead the league in total minutes played with 3,166 minutes played. He played with poise, flash and flare and kept Portland in the Playoff hunt for most of the year but has developed a reputation as a below average defender so he needs to improve on that part of his game. In his 1st season in the league Lillard ranked 4th among point guards in scoring averaging 19 points per game and capturing rookie of the year. Lillard is the face of the Blazers and the future couldn't look any brighter for Portland because of this guy.

Stat line of the year: 38 Points 9 Assists 1 Rebound 3 Steals on April 10th vs Lakers

#12 Ty Lawson (Denver Nuggets)

This season the Denver Nuggets had one of the best seasons they have had in awhile with the highest scoring offense at 106 points per game in the NBA and a lot of that could be attributed to the play of Ty Lawson. He did a great job all year of pushing the pace and getting guys like Kenneth Fareid and Andre Iguadola eazy baskets all year. He did a great job of finding a balance of facilitating but still staying aggressive which is why he was so efficient shooting 46% and averaging just under 16 points per game which were both top 10 among starting point guards this year. The Nuggets didn't have the season they envisioned getting knocked out in the 1st round by the Golden State Warriors but Ty Looked more comfortable than ever running the offense this season.

Stat line of the year: 21 Points 11 Assists 6 Rebounds 1 Steal 9-15 on March 7th vs Clippers

#11 Kemba Walker (Charlotte Bobcats)

Of every player on this list I don't think any player looked as different or took as big a leap as Kemba Walker. Sure the Bobcats finished near the bottom of the league but it wasn't due to Kemba having a bad season. If you check the stats you will see the that Kemba in 2013 ranked top 10among starting point guards in Points, Rebounds,Steals, Blocks and minutes. He was also one of the few point guards this season who played in all 82 games, in fact he has never missed a game in his first two years as a pro. If you don't think Kemba should be rated this high check this stat. Of the 30 starting point guards in the 2013 season Kemba Walker had the 7th highest player efficiency rating among His peers at point guard at 18.86. The only 6 Players that had a higher PER were Tony Parker, Chris Paul, John Wall, Kyrie Irving, Russell Westbrook and Stephen Curry. Two of the guys in front of him (Wall/Kyrie) missed 20+ games so based on Player efficiency rating Kemba Walker is a debatable top 5 point guard. Kemba is clearly one of the franchise cornerstones in Charlotte moving forward and as they surround him with more talent it's inevitable that his stats and success increase.

Stat line of the year: 26 Points 7 Assists 6 Rebounds 8 Steals on November 10th vs Mavericks

#10 Nate Robinson (Chicago Bulls)

The Bulls went the whole entire year wondering if Derrick Rose would come back but for just a short period of time Nate Robinson made you forget about the injury and just enjoy watching Bulls basketball. He was durable playing in every single game whether it would be off the bench or starting he would usually produce. Nate is this high because he is one of the biggest reasons that a very depleted Bulls roster overachieved and beat the Brooklyn Nets in the 1st round of the playoffs. Nate Robinson in game 4 of that series had one of the great performances in Bulls history dropping 23 points in the 4th quarter and hitting the game winning shot put the Bulls up 3-1 on the Nets. I don't know if he is coming to Chicago next season but I do know that where ever he goes he will play the game hard and play it right as well.

Stat line of the year: 23 Points in the 4th quarter In game 4 of the Eastern Conference quarter finals against the Brooklyn Nets.

#9 John Wall(Washington Wizards)

The Wizards organization is still banking on John Wall to be the franchise player but in order to do that you must play more than 49 games. Washington is slowly beginning to build around wall and when healthy he has proven he can do special things. Take for example the Game on March 25th vs the Memphis Grizzlies one of the best defenses in the league John Wall had one of the most impressive performances I've seen all year dropping 47 points. If you didn't know he had that kind of talent he let you know. There’s only 2 things I don't like about Wall and that s his durability and perimeter jump shot if he corrects both of those I think he has MVP talent. I expect to see the wizards in the playoffs as long as Wall plays 65+ games. 2013 was a year of what if's with Wall so please stay healthy so we can see a full body of work.

Stat Line of the year: 47 Points 8 Assists 7 Rebounds 1 Block 1 Steal 13-22 FG on March 25th vs Grizzlies

#8 Kyrie Irving (Cleveland Cavaliers)

Just like Wall I think Irving has MVP level talent but unlike Wall I think he could become the best player in the league. He just can't stay healthy. In 2013 Irving missed 23 games and the Cavs finished near the bottom of the east but it was a blessing in disguise as they now have the 1st pick in this years draft. So with the Talent about to increase for the Cavs can Kyrie stay healthy? I look at him and see a guy who is mature beyond his years and plays with a poise and patience you don't see many guys play with at his age. Despite the injuries Kyrie was still named to the All-Star team and averaged just under 23 points. He is an All-star now and needs to become a leader for the Cavs moving forward. 2013 saw him put up great numbers but in 2014 we need him to stay on the court so we can see him “GET BUCKETS”.

Stat line of the year: 40 Points 5 Assists 3 Rebounds 2 Steals on January 12th vs Celtics

#7 Deron Williams (Brooklyn Nets)

Beside getting another good coach fired Deron Williams had a successful year in Brooklyn taking the Nets to the Playoffs. What could I really say about Deron Williams beside the fact that he is a bonafide All-star point guard. My only issue with him is his mentality I feel like he doesn't have that superstars “I'm going to take control of the game mentality”. This season Deron posted great numbers and once was again an elite point guard but the Nets being knocked out of the playoffs by an undermanned Bulls team is unacceptable. As the leader of the team that can't happen so Deron has to work to get better this offseason. He was in the top 5 among point guards in Double-doubles with 21. Now that Jason Kidd is the new head coach of the Nets I would hope that he helps take Deron's game to the next level.

Stat line of the year: 42 Points 5 Assists 3 Rebounds 1 Steal 15-24 FG on March 8th vs Wizards

#6 Mike Conley (Memphis Grizzlies)

Yeah that’s right I just put Mike Conley at number 6 this is not a typo. You might tell me Deron is more talented, or Kyrie is a better scorer but did those guys impact winning or help their teams become the best in the league in any category. The Memphis Grizzlies have an identity and Mike Conley helps them play to it as the leagues #1 defense allowing only 89 points per game. He was top 5 in steals and set a career high in points averaging 14.6 per game. Conley isn't the most exciting player but he impacts winning and the Grizzlies advancing to the Western conference finals is a result of that. This may be the highest Conley ever gets in these rankings.

Stat line of the year: 21 Points 7 Assists 3 Rebounds 5 Steals on November 2nd vs Warriors

#5 Rajon Rondo (Boston Celtics)

Even though Rajon Rondo only played 38 games he is still a top 5 point guard. Just on this stat alone he is top 5, Lebron James in 70+ games only had 4 triple-doubles Rajon Rondo had 5 in less than half a season. Just think and marinate on that for a second that’s all I'm saying.

Stat line of the year: 16 Points 14 Assists 13 Rebounds 3 Blocks 3 Steals vs Sixers

#4 Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors)

In my humble opinion I don't think there is a more exciting player in the league to watch then Stephen Curry. 2013 was his break out year he did everything you could possibly do. He broke Ray Allen's single season 3 point record, dropped 50+ points in Madison Square Garden on national TV, Led the Warriors to the playoffs and got snubbed from going to the All-star game all in the same year, pretty impressive stuff. Curry is known as the purest most deadly shooter in the league and he earned it shooting 45% from the three point line. He helped the Warriors win their first playoff series in 5 years and was recently given the key to the city of San Francisco. Curry is a great player who seems to be getting better which is scary, I wonder if he can ever bring a championship to the great fans of the bay area.

Stat line of the year:54 Points 7 Assists 6 Rebounds 3 Steals 18-28 FG on February 27th vs Knicks

#3 Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder)

Forget all off the regular season stats we know Russell Westbrook is an elite point guard, his value really showed when the Thunder didn't have him in the Playoffs. They missed his energy on defense and versatility as well he can guard 2 sometimes 3 positions depending how big a particular small forward is. His energy gets the Thunder going, he is the catalyst of that team. He was #1 among Point guards in the league this year in double-doubles with 31. Westbrook is irreplaceable but i'm sure most of you knew that by now.

Stat line of the year : 37 Points 5 Assists 10 Rebounds 2 Steals 15-29 FG on March 5th vs Lakers

#2 Chris Paul (LA Clippers)

 2013 CP3's 2nd year as the director of the greatest show on hardwood known as “Lob City”. The Clippers were once again in the Playoffs and Paul was once again elite leading the league in steals and placing in the top 10 in nearly offensive category among point guards. As great as he is Paul failed to get the Clippers out the 1st round of the playoffs and it may have been the end of his tenure as a Clipper. No matter what he had a good 2 years in LA if he decides to leave. If he decides to stay he must bring a championship to LA for the Clippers no ifs ands or buts about it. Chris Paul ranked #1 in player efficiency rating among pointguards in 2013 at 26.43

Stat line of the Year: 19 Points 16 Assists 5 Rebounds 2 steals on January 9th vs Mavericks

#1 Tony Parker (San Antonio Spurs)

Tony Parker is the orchestrator of the greatest team of our generation and he was the only player in the league this season that posed any real threat to Lebron James for MVP. In 2013 He lead all NBA point guards in field goal percentage shooting 52%. Tony Is just such a tactician when it comes to making decisions for the Spurs, I don't think there is anybody in the league who penetrates the middle of the floor better than him. Parker was just simply the best this season which is why the Spurs swept a very good Memphis team and is now giving the Miami Heat a run for their money in the NBA Finals.

Stat line of the year: 27 Points 12 Rebounds 12 Assists 9-18 FG on December10th vs Rockets

So there you have it those are your 2012-2013 NBA point Guard Power Rankings hope you enjoyed it. Before I end this article let me wish Derrick Rose a speedy recovery the #1 spot misses you, hope to see him next season.

If you disagree with or just want to talk about the power rankings hit me up on LIKE the page and we will talk about it.


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