Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Healthy Alternative: A Day Of Women's Basketball

Yesterday started off as any regular day for me, wake up, check my email and go play basketball for a few hours. After all of that though I decided  to change things up a bit and watch some WNBA basketball (Don't make fun of me). I watched it though because of all the hype surrounding three women who are suppose to help the league draw fans. I'm speaking about the tope 3 picks in this years draft- Brittney Greiner, Elena Delle Donne and Skylar Diggins.

So I got some kool-aid and some eggs while sweaty and settled in for the games. I caught a bit of Skylar Diggins play shes pretty talented a bit inefficient but talented and a pretty solid none the less. The Tulsa Shock which is who Diggins plays for lost but the future looks bright for her career in Oklahoma just has to get used to the speed of the game.

The game I really wanted to see though was between the Phoenix Mercury and the Chicago Sky. I went and got my pillow for this one. The reason I wanted to see this game more then the other one is because of all of the hype surrounding Brittney Greiner . Greiner if you aren't familiar was discussing trying out for the NBA with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban as well as training with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. All of this had me intrigued so I watched the game. Her team got blown out but she did things never seen in Women's Basketball. She became the 1st Pro Womens basketball player to dunk twice in the same game. A lesser known fact- she attempted a hook shot during today's game that she missed but still impressive even trying to attempt in game.

The Girl who really impressed me (as well as mesmerize) was Chicago Sky Forward Elena Delle Donna. There was more to her then just her beautiful complexion this girl could play, she played inside and outside. I saw her on the block displaying her face up game as well as knocking down some shots from beyond the perimeter. There was even a few times were the blonde bombshell was boxing Greiner out and getting rebounds. They came for Greiner but they left talking about Delle Donna, she definitely stole the show with 22 points leading her team to the 102-80 win over Phoenix. This girl has a swagger to her before halftime ESPN interviewed her before going to the locker room asking her about the speed of the game. She responded by saying “It's a Faster than College but I'm not getting double or Triple teamed so the game is getting easier for me”.

Although it will never will take over men's basketball, the future of the WNBA looks brighter than ever with these 3 talented women, I know I'll be getting my basketball fix this summer watching these three.

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