Monday, May 20, 2013

You Don't Know Bo

ESPN'S 30 For 30 series has some of the best documentaries in sports and this one was no Different. In the film “You don't Know BO” ESPN personalities as well as other sports writers/analysts who lived and witnessed the mythological ability of the 2 sport star give you insight into what it was like to witness Bo Jackson playing baseball and football at a high level. Guys who played with him tell you about the raw talent they saw day in and day out. George Brett the Hall Of Fame baseball player and Teammate of Bo discusses watching him in Batting practice for the Royals saying that he has never seen players hit baseball's that far at Kauffman Stadium in his whole career. Bo himself gives you insight to what he was thinking during many situations of his sports career such as the Injury that changed the course of his greatness and also Choosing Baseball over football initially. The Film is very well put together and if you are a baseball or football fan you should sit down and take in this film, the way it is put together makes it feel like you were actually there watching Bo's Career unfold in front of your eyes even if you weren't even alive to see the prime of it. You can find the documentary on Netflix or watch it in its entirety on YouTube. If you are interested in watching the fill then I have taken the liberty of putting the whole video below for you to watch...Enjoy. 

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