Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Larry Johnson 1991-1992 Upperdeck

 The NBA draft is rapidly approaching by the day and I can only begin to wonder about all the different ways my Charlotte Bobcats will screw up whatever pick they get I look at this card for hope. Larry Johnson pictured in the card above was selected 1st overall in the 1991 NBA Draft and would go on to win Rookie of the year honors in 1992. LJ was a franchise changing talent and fresh off a national Championship at UNLV gave the Hornets instant credibility. Although it was before my time I have a deep appreciation for those Muggsy Bouges-Alonzo Mourning-Kendall Gill-Dell Curry and LJ teams of the early to mid 90's it represents a golden era for basketball in my hometown. This picture captures one of the greatest draft picks made by any Charlotte sports team, I can only hope that who ever we draft this year turns out to be what LJ was during his time with the Hornets.


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