Sunday, May 12, 2013

Defining Moments: Nate Robinson

The Series between the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat is displaying a lot of intensity. It is also showing how teams who are substantially different in terms of their roster are annoying each other into uncontrolled insanity whether it be through Hard fouls or Flops These teams don’t like each other.

This series is also serving as a defining moment in the career of arguably the most Important player currently healthy on the Chicago Bulls roster and this person stands at a Chiseled,uncontrollable 5’9-Nate Robinson. Throughout his career Nate has displayed inconsistency but has left little doubts of his talent level in the minds of the people who witnessed him. The only problem is that his defensive effort has never been inconsistent and that’s a no go in the playoffs. Stops in New York, Boston, Golden State and Oklahoma City have always left people wondering why Nate can’t stick anywhere. This playoff run has provided him with an opportunity to prove himself to the basketball world and the Chicago Bulls organization that he is here to stay and isn’t just some dude who will bounce from team to team.

With Derrick Rose injured and most likely never coming back for the rest of the Playoffs Nate Robinson has been provided with substantial minutes in the playoffs for the 1st time ever. As a Celtic in 2010 he averaged 7.5 minutes per game. As a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder he averaged 4 minutes a game and during those 2 Playoff Cameos for Robinson he started 0 games.

This Postseason he has started 6 games and played a big role in some of the Bulls most important wins. Like During Game 4 Against the Brooklyn Nets at the United Center in Chicago where Nate collected 34 Points 4 Assists and 2 Steals in a 142-134 Triple Overtime Win for The Bulls which will go down as one of the craziest games in Bulls history where he also dropped 23 fourth quarter points. He has shown that He will not back down to anyone and that in a larger role can produce big time. Nate wound up leading the Bulls to a 7 game series over Brooklyn which leads us to where we stand now. 

The Miami Heat are the center of attention in the Basketball world locally and globally someone in your neighborhood is Loving or Hating the Miami Heat. At this Current moment that also applies to the Chicago Bulls depending on your perspective. The Heat look like an immovable force and Here are the Bulls the most injured, Unhealthy team in the playoffs that is going to give every ounce of energy it takes to win by any means necessary. The series up to this point currently stands at a 2-1 Heat lead. It has also been a tale of two Nate’s and proven why he Is the X-Factor in this series. In Game 1 the Bulls stole home court with a 93-86 Victory over the Miami Heat. In that Game Nate Robinson tallied 27 points, 9 Assists on 50% shooting while hitting 3 Three pointers. The last 2 games he has scored under 20 points and shot under 40%. If the Bulls are going to win this series Nate will have to adjust back to the Heat and get on track and play at a high level.

Rose, Luol Deng and Kirk Hinrich are all out. The Bulls are considered underdogs by many and Nate has been one his whole life this is a defining moment in his career. There was a song I once heard that sung “Opportunity, Opportunity comes but once and don’t come back no more”. The lights on Nate Robinson may never be brighter than they are right now at this current moment.

So what’s it going to Be Nate will you snatch and grab it?

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