Thursday, May 23, 2013

Video Blog: Carmelo Anthony isn't the reason for Playoff Exit

When you play in New york City for any sports team and you are the star if your team loses and falls short of the ultimate goal you will take the blame whether its fair or not. This is relevant to Knicks Franchise Player Carmelo Anthony who lead the Knicks in scoring averaging 28 points per game with a bad shoulder but ultimately lost the series to the Indiana Pacers in 6 games. Over the last few days since the Loss The New York Media, ESPN and people like Skip Bayless have blamed this loss solely on Melo. This is incredibly unfair to Carmelo when his supporting cast did nothing to help him. Guys like Raymond Felton and J.R Smith deserve most of the blame for the inconsistency of the New York Supporting cast with poor shooting performances like 0-7 and 4-15. Melo's former coach at Syracuse said it best about Smith and Felton by expressing the following “Those Guys weren't great players where they were and now they are asking them to be 2nd and 3rd options”. Great analysis by the Championship college coach. After addressing the supporting cast he then went on to say “he is going to have to get 50 to win this game” when speaking about the series ending game 6 when Melo scored 39. Playing isolation basketball and relying to much on one player isn't a winning formula for winning in the playoffs so besides the Knicks supporting cats I think management and the coaching of Mike Woodson are to blame for the series loss to Indiana. The structure of the roster makes Anthony's life harder and isn't built to beat the likes of Lebron James of the Miami Heat.

I recently Spoke on why The series loss to the Pacers isn't Carmelo Anthony's fault in a recent video, Check it out below.

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