Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tru School Of Kicks: Air Jordan 1 "Cool Grey"

The Nike Air Jordan 1 just on nostalgia is a great shoe but when Nike starts slapping popular colorways like the “Cool Grey” then it gives the shoe very classy feel that very few sneakers have. As you can see here Nike took the Original Air Jordan 1 Model and put the “Cool grey” Colorway thats been seen on many Air Jordan Models. That has been something new this year where Nike is experimenting with the Nike Air Jordan 1 model by putting exclusive Jordan Colorways, it looks great and I got to find me a pair of these. This particular sneaker isn't gaudy with the colors but keeps it very clean and classy and I like that because that’s how I like my sneakers. 


  1. Great looking shoe... but I gave up high tops 10 to 15 years ago. But damn these would look sweet autographed by Jordan in either a silver Sharpie or a bright red paint pen.

  2. I felt like I could wear those to a corporate event or something. I like the way you think that would look pretty sweet.


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