Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Panthers Fan For Life

Social Media has made the world smaller. Outlets like Twitter have given us a chance to connect to our favorite actors,athletes and Sports teams. It's very rare that we get to interact with those people or things. Well not to long ago one of my childhood favorite Sports teams just followed me and that’s my beloved Florida Panthers. Before I was collecting baseball cards or caught basketball fever I was watching Pavel Bure score 60 goals in an electrifying manner from my nose bleeds at the National Car Rental Center. The Panthers have been a staple in my life and I fell in love with hockey because of it. This afternoon they followed me on twitter @thatboybtaylor and gave me a shout out (Follow me and see tweet below).

They only follow the most loyal dedicated fans and I have been there through thick and thin for my team. I was there when it was empty in 2007 and Todd Bertuzzi was injured the whole year. I was also there when we met the New Jersey Devils in the playoffs last year and the place was sold out. I Love the Panthers and hopefully they bring the cup to Sunrise one day. We may have struggled this year due to injury’s but we will be back.



  1. Damn... miss the days of watching players like Bure, Selanne, Hull, Jagr, and Mogilny light up the lamp. The 90's will always be the roots of my hockey fandom.

  2. I was born in the 90's so for me it's the early 2000's watching Pavel Bure was one of the best experinces of my sports life growing up watching him light the lamp.


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