Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sweet Spot Classic Patches 2003

After many countless hours of rummaging threw my Collection of baseball Memorabilia I ran into some classic cards like I do on many occasions when digging threw that mess. Back in 2003 Upper Deck had their Sweet Spot Classic set and in that set featured baseball legends with Patches of the teams they played for smacked right in the middle of the card. The three cards I own of that variety are Johnny Bench, Ozzie Smith and the Great Ted Williams. I purchased all 3 of these fantastic cardboard classics at card shows almost a decade ago. Really love what Upper deck did with that set they offered a lot of variety of players so for fans of many teams they had a lot of players to look forward to acquiring a patch card of. One of my favorites I don't have is the Ernie Banks edition of this card.

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