Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day at the store

The Other day I was near my Local Card store (Hollywood Collectibles) been going there for years, the owners and employees have known me since the age of 8. After chatting it up and catching up with my main man Paul I headed straight for the nearest Dime box with to look for some Cards I usually get lucky at Hollywood Collectibles in terms of finding cards I just like and today was no different.

Card #1 I came across might be my favorite out of them all. Going through box I found this sweet Upperdeck SP Game Bat edition 2000 with the Legendary Tony Gywnn featured on the front. Gwynn was always a guy who in my opinion never got a lot of love when truthfully he probably had one of the most textbook swings in Major league history so pretty solid pick up there.

Card #2 I picked up featured one of my favorite Hall of Famers of All-Time in Baseball history. I'm Speaking about Eddie Murray of Course who I own a a throwback jersey of which I picked up at Camden Yards a few years ago. This a 1981 Topps cardboard which features the LA native in his prime with the Baltimore Orioles. This was one of the better finds of the Day.

Card #3 After digging and digging aimlessly through the barrage of cardboard I finally found this 2010 Topps Babe Ruth which was cool to me. Always been fan of the Babe on Card Board so anytime I Can scoop a Babe Ruth card I usually do it.

Card #4 I found because of my unconscious love for the game of basketball. After finding many old Shaquille O'Neal Orlando Magic Cards I Finally ran into this beautiful Fleer 1988 Patrick Ewing which capture Pat in his prime in the Blue and Orange. Of all of the 90's greats I feel sorry for not getting a Ring they're are few I feel more sorry for then Patrick Ewing He deserves one more do then most players.

So that recaps that days pickups at Hollywood Collectibles in a nutshell.


  1. naw It was more around like 5ish but still pretty good value


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