Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Michael Jordan Baseball Card

Michael Jordan was known for his greatness in the 90’s, just not as a baseball player. In the midst of his prime in Chicago MJ decided to do what his dad wanted him to which was play baseball after he passed away. His Airness left the Bulls for the Birmingham Barons to try make it to the Major leagues. This 1995 Upper deck Collectors Choice edition features Jordan Pictured in a Chicago White Sox Jersey playing the outfield.

He was much better at basketball then baseball as most know but little known fact-Michael Jordan had 30 stolen bases in his lone season of baseball. If only he didn’t strike out 114 times he might have had a future in it.


  1. I never knew about that connection with jordan and his dad. Good post, kid.

  2. yeah his connection with his dad made up a lot of who he was an athelete. Thanks for reading!

  3. Nice card. I've always been a fan of Jordan on cardboard... especially his baseball issues.

  4. Yeah I have some solid Jordan Cards and I got that one a few years ago and it got misplaced lol. He would have been solid had he stuck to baseball.


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