Saturday, July 6, 2013

Celtics Need To Build Around Rajon Rondo

It's not everyday that a franchise like the Boston Celtics hires a young coach like Brad Stevens to lead them in the rebuilding process and ultimately to banner number 18 hanging at the TD Garden but that’s what has happened here. Recently the Celtics decided to part ways with franchise cornerstones Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett in a trade with the Brooklyn Nets for Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries, Marshon Brooks and 3 future first round draft picks.

This means that Rajon Rondo is now “The Guy” on the team. Throughout the course of his career in bean town Rondo has always played his role behind the likes of Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett but now the Boston Celtics are his team and he needs to stay. People have always said Rondo is just a play maker and could never be the number 1 guy on a really good team, I for one disagree. Rajon Rondo does so many things right obviously with his passing and ability to make people better but the defensively his intensity can inspire a team this is a guy who just wants to win and now its his time to prove he can do it as the guy. He has a leaders mentality and you want that in your organization.

This biggest thing for the Celtics is getting new coach Brad Stevens and Rondo on the same page and for now that seems to be the case. Stevens in his opening press conference stated “There is no bigger fan of Rajon Rondo then me”. Sources close to Rondo say that he is looking at the situation with an open mind which is exactly what you want to hear. For now the dynamic between Stevens and Rondo is cool but we will see how long that lasts when the season starts and the Celtics lose a few games.

This is the perfect opportunity for Rondo to prove himself he always had the mindset of a leader now its time to put that to use. As the Celtics move forward they have still have a few pieces already sitting around Rondo like Jeff Green, Kris Humphries, Marshon Brooks, Avery Bradley and Brandon Bass the Celtics aren't elite but they are far from scrubs they just need to put themselves in a position to bring in another All-star player to play with Rondo. That could come in the form of one of 3 future 1st round draft picks the Celtics received in their recent trade with the Brooklyn Nets. As a big time franchise that prides itself on excellence don't expect the Celtics to be below the elites for that long.

This isn't 2006 anymore Rondo isn't a wide eyed kid from Kentucky, this is his team now. This is a guy who when healthy is a top 5 guard in the league. The same guy who played less than half a season last year and had more Triple-Doubles then Lebron James. This is a guy who i'm sure goes to the TD Garden sees all the banners and retired numbers and wants to be up there himself. Danny Ainge get him pieces so you can get #9 to the rafters and another banner for Boston

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  1. Great Article But I think The Luck Of The Irish,has run out...and Its time to rebuilt..Rondo should just move on and enhance his career somewhere else. your dad


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