Sunday, July 7, 2013

5 Players To Watch In The 2013 MLB All-Star Game

It's once again that time of year, mid summer classic time as the MLB's elite talents square off in the All-Star game. Everybody regardless of what team they play for is a tremendous talent but some guys might be a bit overlooked so here are a few guys you guys will need to watch out for in this years All-Star game.

#5 Adam Jones (Baltimore Orioles)

Although Adam Jones is starting in center field once again for the American league he may be overshadowed by guys like Miguel Cabrera and his teammate Chris Davis. Jones is one exciting player and a 5 tool one at that he has the ability to make some Tori Hunter type plays in the all-star game if given the chance. He is having a good season thus far for a good Baltimore team. Don't sleep on Adam Jones if you watch the All- Star game.

#4 Jason Grilli (Pittsburgh Pirates)

If you aren't to familiar with the national league leading Pittsburgh Pirates and why they have the best record then you will quickly find out in the All-Star game. Jason Grilli the Pirates closer has been nothing short of a shutdown closer converting on 28 of his 29 save opportunity’s while collecting a 2.15 ERA. In the game of baseball you need a reliable guy who will get you those very tough last 3 outs and Grilli has been doing that at a high clip for the Pirates this year. Expect him to challenge any and all hitters who face him.

#3 Paul Goldschmidt (Arizona Diamondbacks)

The Arizona Diamondbacks are playing plus 500 baseball and a big reason for that is because of young slugger Paul Goldschmidt. Goldschmidt has tremendous power and might be in the homerun derby but god forbid he get a hold of any type of pitch he can drive or you will see why he has 21 home runs and 73 RBI's with a 305. batting average. For fans who don't know about the young first baseman it will be good for them to watch.

#2 Jose Fernandez (Miami Marlins)

If there was one word to describe Jose Fernandez's stuff its “Electric”, this guy is a rookie sensation but not many people are paying attention due to the Marlins record. He is top 10 among all pitchers in ERA and hitters are only hitting 193. against him. Who ever he faces will get challenged and if they come out whiffing don't be surprised.

#1 Mariano Rivera (New York Yankees)

It's his last of many All-Star games and baseball as well as the midsummer classic will definitely miss Mo- The greatest closer baseball has ever seen.

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  1. awesome article,and enjoy the part of giving props to Fernandez of the marlins and the great Mariano Rivera.The best baseball reliever of all time...the baseball all star game will be a lot more enjoyable because of the insight you provided. Thank you Dad


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