Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Orlando Summer League Day 4 Summary

Jeremy Evans (Utah Jazz)

Day 4 stats vs Nets: 15 Points 9 Rebounds 3 Assists 2 Steals 6-9 FG in 24:10 minutes of play.

The former slam dunk champion has struggled to get consistent minutes in the Jazz rotation over the last few seasons but has shown that he is a very explosive player who has hops. Wednesday afternoon his pogo stick like vertical was on full display as he showed the ability to finish around the rim and draw fouls. Evans having the wingspan that he does did a great job of using that length to get his hands on the basketball forcing turnovers with 2 steals and 9 rebounds.

Final Analysis: Evans has a lot of physical tools that come with playing the game he just needs to fine tune the technical aspects of his game such as his jump shot and his overall IQ for the game. After watching Evans today and over the last few days he looks like hes been putting in his time in the gym.

Alec Burks (Utah Jazz)

Day 4 Stats vs Nets: 14 Points 1 Rebound 1 Steal 3-8 FG in 17:16 Minutes of play

Like Evans In Utah Alec Burks is also trying to crack the Jazz rotation after many years of inconsistent minutes. Burks is an exciting player who has the ability to score the basketball and showed that today. Shot nearly 50% from the field and attacked his way to 7 free throw attempts. He wound up going 7 for 7 at the line.

Final Analysis: Burks is a talented player who can score but he needs to do more then that if he wants to for sure get consistent minutes then he has to rebounds and do more on defense. Do that and Tyrone Corbin won’t hesitate to give Burks those minutes.

Jeremy Lamb (Oklahoma City Thunder)
Day 4 Stats vs 76ers: 32 Points 10-14 FG 5-10 3pt FG in 34 minutes of play

Yesterday Jeremy Lamb hit the game winning shot to give the Thunder the win. Today he nearly broke teammate Reggie Jackson’s scoring record of 35 which was set yesterday. Jeremy Lamb can play he has the ability to spread the floor and make defenses play him honest which opens up some seams in the defense for him to drive through. With Kevin Martin no longer on the roster in OKC they are looking to him to be someone to fill that void.

Final Analysis: Lamb along with Reggie Jackson are two guys who will make a good combo off of the Thunder bench once the season rolls around. Lamb is going to be better then Martin he is more athletic,shoots at the same clip and fits better into the flow of the teams offense. Looking forward to big things from the former UCONN Huskie.

Summer League standouts: Kelly Olynyk&Terrence Jones

In my other summer league summary the play of Terrence Jones andKelly Olynyk has been well documented.

Terrence Jones like yesterday didnt shoot that well from the field at 3-12 but stayed in attack mode and created 14 free throw attempts for himself he hit 10 of them. Like yesterday he contributed in other Categories like Blocks with 2 and rebounds with 6 while still earning 17 points. Jones despite is field goal troubles is a big reason why the Rockets won this game 85-78. He looks like he has a future in Houston or at the very least the NBA.

Kelly Olynyk continues to impress with his lost post scoring and efficiency shooting 8 for 14 from the field with 19 Points and 10 rebounds. I underestimate the guy and he continues to show me why I am wrong. Even though its summer league you got to be encouraged if your a Celtics fan from what you have seen from Olynyk

Stay tuned for Day 5 coming tommorrow.

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